Here comes Sugarscarf London

It is official. Today I've just signed a 3 months probation contract with Sugarscarf London. They have massive plans for their future in the UK and Europe market and I am very well excited to be in the team. The owner of Sugarscarf eyqa is a very very good friend of mine and I just couldn't help myself but giving out a helping hand in making their dream a reality.Along the way making friends, leaning about the trade here in the UK and earning for myself. Plus it will also help in building my little career portfolio once I decided to really work full time.

Eyqa and I have known each other since the early days of girls selling hijabs online on blogs in Malaysia and we were the people who were among the pioneers to sell hijabs online. Nowadays it is just one massive ocean of girls or even guys selling them online and offline in Malaysia. It seems to me it has become a phenomenal trend. I'm not against anyone who wanted to have a piece of that market however I do feel that it has become a trend of re-selling rather than a piece of cloth to cover our modesty. But who am I to judge and I sincerely hope everyone have a sincere heart in wearing the hijab rather than just for the sake of fashion or to sell them and make profit. Insha'Allah.

Going back to the Sugarscarf news! It is an exciting new venture. I know this because I used to run a company called L'adorn and it was an exciting period. L'adorn was once at its height and I was over the moon but I decided to closed L'adorn for circumstances that I am now living and settling overseas. I have excepted the fact that having a fast paced business that is just starting up while the founder is living in another country is just not feasible. I barely return to Malaysia and during my 2 years of not returning, L'adorn suffered a lot. I will write more on that one day and I will tell you some of the trade secrets that I've learn along the way.

I can't wait to tell you the journey of Sugarscarf expanding overseas. They are a great company and they have big potential. The have grown exponentially slowly throughout the years and I think it is high time that they expand to other country. The UK and Europe market is still new for hijabs but it is definitely growing. Pray for Sugarscarf.

Alana and Peppa

Alana is at the stage where she believes that Peppa Pig is her BFF. For those who are not familiar with Peppa Pig, it is a famous children show in the UK and I think they have ventured into some other countries such as malaysia. Although the main character is a pig which to a certain part of Malaysia can be a taboo, it is actually a very good kids show. Their english are superb and their episodes are mostly about learning and exploring their day to day life. Wil and Alana learn quite a lot watching peppa pig. Sometimes I find myself watching the shows without Wil or Alana by my side.

Alana loves Peppa so much to a point she is obsessed. She wants every single Peppa merchandise that she saw in the shop. Peppa is genius I tell you and evil for us parents. Luckily their merchandise are not as expensive as Disney's and we still got Carboot Sale for last resort. haha cheapskate parents.

Tonight, Alana was crying her balls out because her favourite Peppa pyjamas was in the laundry. She was crying as if it was the end of Peppa and that she wouldn't see her again forever. So Fairuz and I was trying to console her by giving her other options but she continued crying saying  "Peppaaaaaa....Peppaaaaaa bajuuuu..." It was so funny guys. I really need to find more the same Peppa baju and have them in her wardrobe because she wouldn't accept other Peppa baju that she has.

kids and their favourite character. You seriously can't keep them apart.

Oh my Alana. I feel sorry for daddy when she turns 15 and wanted that particular Gucci bag and wouldn't accept any other cheaper option.


When in winter 2015

I have been meaning to write consistently again in this blog but every time night time falls (these are usually the time I had it quiet with both kiddies are sleeping) all I want to do is just rest in front of the TV with Fairuz and just have a nice relaxation (usually it ended up Fairuz snoring earlier than I did). So I did just that and just forget about writing altogether.

But every now and them I do think about this space. In a long run it could be a space where I could reminisce and cherish my memories just incase I forget every little details that run through my journey of life. And I love looking back and remember them and this space is just perfect. It's not a diary that I have to bring everywhere. It is there despite it being public (because I love sharing) it is anywhere anytime when we have wifi. I love the internet to the point that I could not live without it.

These photos were taken on winter 2015 in our backyard. One of the fence went down due to the windy weather and we are still waiting for our builder to come and repair them. But the snow that came down were very lovely, peaceful, beautiful and it would be such a shame not to take a few pictures as "Momentos". We experience winter every year but this particular winter was very special because the kids are big enough to understand them to enjoy them and to love them like we do. My dad is here all the way from Malaysia just chilling with his grandkids and they were so happy that he is there to play and entertain. I just love watching them.

I wish moments like this are forever.

Our first Ski Lessons, Fort William Scotland

After done playing the waiting game we decided had to have some snow. When Fairuz's best friend Helmi whatsapp him telling him that he is coming to the UK and lets go skiing, we jumped to the opportunity. Wil had wanted to play with snow for the longest time. He keeps on saying he wanted snow. But sadly we weren't getting any despite the forecast telling us we will have a white christmas last year. Poor him.

We choose Fort William Scotland for our ski lessons. Reason being, it is close to home and it probably saved us slightly in the cost department. Although Scotland is closer to home, the journey to Fort William took us almost the whole day. 1st it was an hour and a half journey to Standstead. Then an hour or so in the flight to Glasgow. Then it takes us another 3 hours to drive from Glasgow to Fort William (If there is a place where we can go skiing without having to drive for 3 hours from the airport people then please this momma know). Thank god the kids where in their best behaviour on that day. They were sleeping throughout the 3 hours driving.

The ski lessons was supposed to be held on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather was windy and the gondola that goes up the mountain was closed. So we had to postponed to Monday. Thank god the place was opened on Monday because if it wasn't it will be such a disappointment especially for the kids.

I wasn't able to joined in the whole period of lessons (despite paying! T_T) because Alana was so clingy and there wasn't enough adult to look after the kids. My dad had to go home halfway through and Helmi's helper had to hold on to their baby sleeping most of the time. So I was left with 2 kids and a clingy toddler to watch and feed. What a day. But it turns out it was so much fun watching the 2 kids having their first lesson and Wil was amazing. This is one proud momma obviously.

A few tips & notes to parents (with kids, toddlers & babies) out there who want to go skiing with them to Fort William or someplace else.

1. Check the weather prior to booking.

2. Plan your journey. The shorter the better when you have kids, toddlers and babies

3. If you know nothing about skiing, you have to take lessons unless you wanna wing it. It cost us probably about £41 per adult for just the lessons. Equipment rental costs are separate.

4. We had to pay for the gondola. Prices are their website.

5. Make sure you bring helpers with you to look after the kids while you have your 2 hours lessons.

6. It can be quite cold up in the mountain when the wind hits so some toddler might not enjoy being there. Be prepare to stay indoor all the time.

7. Bring lots of snacks, kids can get hungry (A LOT) in the cold. They have cafes up there but the food are a bit blunt, limited and quite pricey

8. Wear proper waterproof clothes & thermals even if you're there to just enjoy the snow and not going skiing.

9. Forget strollers. Take carriers instead.

10. And don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures.

Our 1st House

Although it is nothing extra-ordinary about owning a house, I feel like blogging about how my husband and I decided to buy a house in the United Kingdom. Despite us not having our permanent resident yet and how it depletes all of our savings buying this beautiful decent house in the suburb.

It has been almost 9 months since we moved to our first house. It is a double storey detached house that sits nicely between the city and the highway. We are no longer living in the city of London as I type this. We decided that it is best we stayed in the suburb raising our 2 kids. Moreover, Fairuz got a job here that pays the bill at the moment and they pay him quite well considering the recession that hits the O&G industry at the moment.

We waited for 6 months to finally finalise our purchase with this house. Although in theory we could get the keys as early as just a few days. This house was originally a show house. The garage was their office. It’s a new development area and we love the design so much that it was an instant chemistry when we viewed it. But the developer decided that they didn’t want to sell it at that time due to some plan they had with the buying and selling deals.

We didn’t thought we could buy them because with only a single stable income, we don’t quite have the depo really. With our conditions and the strict rules that the UK policies have with giving away loans, we are not even as close to half of the depo. But much to my surprise, Fairuz got hook on searching a financial advisor that could help with the purchase. And soon we found the right mortgage provider. To top it all, it was really meant to be because we got this UK gov scheme where they help with first time homebuyer. It ended up we pay a small amount of depo and the government paid the rest huge chunk of it.

Lo and behold. We could finally say the house is ours. Until today we still have to pinch ourselves (apart from the monthly mortgage repayment..sheesh!) to remind us that. We could not be more grateful for the rezq that was given by Allah s.a.w. Truly if it meant to be it is meant to be. No matter what are your conditions. Who knows, maybe we'll buy another one in London someday. Now that would truly be our dream.

Summer in Hijab

Wearing a hijab and a full on clothes based on the Islamic law during the season of summer could get a bit challenging for us muslims. And the selling of retail clothes on the high street isn't much help either what with every single bit seems revealing for us to wear. For the hijab part, not much choice too. The mainstream people don't wear scarves or shawls during this particular season. Why would they obviously. If there were to wear scarves it would be something like silk scarf with bold prints and patterns which not most of us would like to wear them everyday because it takes a bit of time to iron them properly and to match them with great outfit. By the time we're ready to go for groceries (after 2 hours of battling with our kids to prepare them to go out) the shop has already closed . So to find affordable and great choices of shawls or scarves for the summer with great cooling material that we would love could be quite challenging in the western world.
A few months back, a friend of my mine which also happens to be the owner of the famous Malaysian Hijab brand Sugarscarf came to see me. She wanted to have her hijab here in the UK and Europe market so she had asked me to help a bit in promoting. Due to the seasons change in the country, she had to find something that could fit both cold and warm weather without compromising in style. And so she came across this gorgeous material for shawls that she had to make them available for us to buy. She named them Lana and they are now having discounts on their UK website here. And while you guys are there, don't missed on checking other products as well. The have their awesome Madison collection all flown from Malaysia to the UK just for the Europe Market.

" Alana: The day I had Chocolate"

Today, my little girl turns 10 months. It has been quite a journey with her. What she did and how she has done it are somehow very similar to my first boy. Probably all kids are the same. They know how to act all crying when trying to get your attention. And how they all don't want to sleep and try their best to fight her teary tired eyes.

But her characters are totally different from Wildan. She's fierce, adventurous, a dare devil. That translate into her being very fast in her development stages. While my boy was a little cautious, proper and particular. Even taking steps he makes sure everything is slowly and surely.

At 10 months my Alana can walk confidently while holding any edges. At 6 months she was crawling confidently. She now can say mama or bye bye. Although bye bye are a bit "pelat" but she's has started to talk! *teary mom. Oh how the time flies. I am 30 years old this year and soon I'll be 40 and 50. Masya'Allah.

Alana has been a bit picky on food nowadays. She used to eat anything from fruits to vegetable. I tried giving all the nutrients she needs but she just wants whatever her abg is having. And she wants adult food. I think she has a taste and she thinks "That's it! I'm having adult food from now on". She ate noodles like an adult. And she loves it.

The other day I was doing something suddenly I saw her nibbling on Wildan's snacks. I think the box of mcvities chocolate was lying around the living room and she just took it and open it. By the time I saw her, her face was full of chocolate and she was beaming with happiness. *gasp!

I couldn't have the heart to take it away from her. She was so happy and all smiley. How do you take away a kid's happiness right?