5 tips for face to stay hydrated in winter for Asian Skin

During winter, a lot of my Malaysian friends asked me how to keep their skin hydrated. With weather that is cold and gloomy, our Asian skins which are used to tropical climate can get super dry to a point it hurts. It gets uncomfortable sometimes to run our daily lives. My husband sometimes complains that his skin gets really really dry as well. Especially after our 5 times ablution that we have to take just before the prayers. After a few trial and errors and for someone who has dry skins, here are my few tips to keep your face and skin hydrated throughout the winter months;

1. Wear your moisturisers just after every ablution.  Find the right moisturiser based on your skin type. Superdrug has a huge range for all skin types. For me, I have dry skin so for daily wear I use Nivea with argan oil. It works wonder and it doesn't cost much.  Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising, £5.35

2. For someone who is a bit lazy to wear them and tends to forget, just place your moisturiser near your sink where you take your ablution. Once you've finished, dry your face and dab some on your face.

3. Get yourself a vaseline. It's a lip therapy but I used it for everything. And it's pocket size! Carry it in your handbag or pocket when you are out and about. Vaseline. £1.89

4. Before going to bed, wear vaseline on your face and sleep on it. You'll wake up having skin feeling like a baby.

5. Wash your face in the morning with oats. Yes rummage through your kitchen cabinet and find those oats that you kept thinking you'll eat them for breakfast. I know most of us Malaysian don't like oats but we have them in our kitchen thinking we are living healthy. Ha!

How to? Take a handful of oats and soak them in hot water for a few mins. Stir them together so the oats become soft and milky and just slather them on your face. Scrub! scrub!

Scrubbing helps to eliminate dead and dry skins. Wash your face with lukewarm water and you'll feel so fresh you'll love it. For a little bit of TLC, I love using SKII Treatment essence. It's one of the best secrets for Asian skin. SKII Treatment Essence, £62

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