Is it nice living in the UK?

Whenever my family and I are back in Malaysia and we had to deal with people behind the desk like the JPJ or Banks, they always asked me the same question. Is it nice living in the UK? Do you watch football (from the men)?... No dude, we don't live in a stadium like you would imagine. Haha.

Living overseas have its ups and downs. For a start, your family is far far away. For us Malaysian, we are known for our community living. Most of us stayed with our parents until we got married. For some, they even live with their parents and family members throughout their marriage life.

I have lived here for 9 years and 12 years for Fairuz. We just realised that's quite a long time. When I first came here for my studies, never in a million years I imagine I could be settling in another country other than my home country. I mean... I really love living in Malaysia. It's my comfort zone and somehow I strived in my comfort zone. But clearly Allah s.w.t have a better plan for us.

A few months before I started my PhD, I got married to Fairuz. Our plans was for him to follows me and stayed with me throughout my studies and we will returned back home to serve our bonds. Fairuz at that time was bonded with a big GLC company in Malaysia because he was on scholarship from that company.  But fate took a little turn that after much unsuccessful appeals to the company, Fairuz decided to just follow his heart and let go. This was of course after much Solat Istikharah from us. Because seriously it was a huge commitment to have a huge debt at our belt.

Turns out it was one of the best decision we made. With the guide from Allah s.w.t, he became what he is today. His career development grew exponentially and his prospects are huge. Though I secretly wish sometimes we are living in Malaysia besides our loved ones, I couldn't be happier for our little family to be living overseas. It is truly a blessing to be living in this country or any other country for that matter. Because the truth is, rezq is everywhere and we are put here based on HIS plans. Especially for our kids in terms of their education. It's not that there isn't any great schools in Malaysia, but for them to be in our preferred school there is something that we really have to think about since it will cost us a lot. And a few little things that made us decided best to sacrifice something just for a better future of our little family.

For some family, their "rezeki" might be elsewhere back home but for us right now, It's here.

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