Here comes Sugarscarf London

It is official. Today I've just signed a 3 months probation contract with Sugarscarf London. They have massive plans for their future in the UK and Europe market and I am very well excited to be in the team. The owner of Sugarscarf eyqa is a very very good friend of mine and I just couldn't help myself but giving out a helping hand in making their dream a reality.Along the way making friends, leaning about the trade here in the UK and earning for myself. Plus it will also help in building my little career portfolio once I decided to really work full time.

Eyqa and I have known each other since the early days of girls selling hijabs online on blogs in Malaysia and we were the people who were among the pioneers to sell hijabs online. Nowadays it is just one massive ocean of girls or even guys selling them online and offline in Malaysia. It seems to me it has become a phenomenal trend. I'm not against anyone who wanted to have a piece of that market however I do feel that it has become a trend of re-selling rather than a piece of cloth to cover our modesty. But who am I to judge and I sincerely hope everyone have a sincere heart in wearing the hijab rather than just for the sake of fashion or to sell them and make profit. Insha'Allah.

Going back to the Sugarscarf news! It is an exciting new venture. I know this because I used to run a company called L'adorn and it was an exciting period. L'adorn was once at its height and I was over the moon but I decided to closed L'adorn for circumstances that I am now living and settling overseas. I have excepted the fact that having a fast paced business that is just starting up while the founder is living in another country is just not feasible. I barely return to Malaysia and during my 2 years of not returning, L'adorn suffered a lot. I will write more on that one day and I will tell you some of the trade secrets that I've learn along the way.

I can't wait to tell you the journey of Sugarscarf expanding overseas. They are a great company and they have big potential. The have grown exponentially slowly throughout the years and I think it is high time that they expand to other country. The UK and Europe market is still new for hijabs but it is definitely growing. Pray for Sugarscarf.

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