Alana and Peppa

Alana is at the stage where she believes that Peppa Pig is her BFF. For those who are not familiar with Peppa Pig, it is a famous children show in the UK and I think they have ventured into some other countries such as malaysia. Although the main character is a pig which to a certain part of Malaysia can be a taboo, it is actually a very good kids show. Their english are superb and their episodes are mostly about learning and exploring their day to day life. Wil and Alana learn quite a lot watching peppa pig. Sometimes I find myself watching the shows without Wil or Alana by my side.

Alana loves Peppa so much to a point she is obsessed. She wants every single Peppa merchandise that she saw in the shop. Peppa is genius I tell you and evil for us parents. Luckily their merchandise are not as expensive as Disney's and we still got Carboot Sale for last resort. haha cheapskate parents.

Tonight, Alana was crying her balls out because her favourite Peppa pyjamas was in the laundry. She was crying as if it was the end of Peppa and that she wouldn't see her again forever. So Fairuz and I was trying to console her by giving her other options but she continued crying saying  "Peppaaaaaa....Peppaaaaaa bajuuuu..." It was so funny guys. I really need to find more the same Peppa baju and have them in her wardrobe because she wouldn't accept other Peppa baju that she has.

kids and their favourite character. You seriously can't keep them apart.

Oh my Alana. I feel sorry for daddy when she turns 15 and wanted that particular Gucci bag and wouldn't accept any other cheaper option.