When in winter 2015

I have been meaning to write consistently again in this blog but every time night time falls (these are usually the time I had it quiet with both kiddies are sleeping) all I want to do is just rest in front of the TV with Fairuz and just have a nice relaxation (usually it ended up Fairuz snoring earlier than I did). So I did just that and just forget about writing altogether.

But every now and them I do think about this space. In a long run it could be a space where I could reminisce and cherish my memories just incase I forget every little details that run through my journey of life. And I love looking back and remember them and this space is just perfect. It's not a diary that I have to bring everywhere. It is there despite it being public (because I love sharing) it is anywhere anytime when we have wifi. I love the internet to the point that I could not live without it.

These photos were taken on winter 2015 in our backyard. One of the fence went down due to the windy weather and we are still waiting for our builder to come and repair them. But the snow that came down were very lovely, peaceful, beautiful and it would be such a shame not to take a few pictures as "Momentos". We experience winter every year but this particular winter was very special because the kids are big enough to understand them to enjoy them and to love them like we do. My dad is here all the way from Malaysia just chilling with his grandkids and they were so happy that he is there to play and entertain. I just love watching them.

I wish moments like this are forever.

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