Our first Ski Lessons, Fort William Scotland

After done playing the waiting game we decided had to have some snow. When Fairuz's best friend Helmi whatsapp him telling him that he is coming to the UK and lets go skiing, we jumped to the opportunity. Wil had wanted to play with snow for the longest time. He keeps on saying he wanted snow. But sadly we weren't getting any despite the forecast telling us we will have a white christmas last year. Poor him.

We choose Fort William Scotland for our ski lessons. Reason being, it is close to home and it probably saved us slightly in the cost department. Although Scotland is closer to home, the journey to Fort William took us almost the whole day. 1st it was an hour and a half journey to Standstead. Then an hour or so in the flight to Glasgow. Then it takes us another 3 hours to drive from Glasgow to Fort William (If there is a place where we can go skiing without having to drive for 3 hours from the airport people then please this momma know). Thank god the kids where in their best behaviour on that day. They were sleeping throughout the 3 hours driving.

The ski lessons was supposed to be held on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather was windy and the gondola that goes up the mountain was closed. So we had to postponed to Monday. Thank god the place was opened on Monday because if it wasn't it will be such a disappointment especially for the kids.

I wasn't able to joined in the whole period of lessons (despite paying! T_T) because Alana was so clingy and there wasn't enough adult to look after the kids. My dad had to go home halfway through and Helmi's helper had to hold on to their baby sleeping most of the time. So I was left with 2 kids and a clingy toddler to watch and feed. What a day. But it turns out it was so much fun watching the 2 kids having their first lesson and Wil was amazing. This is one proud momma obviously.

A few tips & notes to parents (with kids, toddlers & babies) out there who want to go skiing with them to Fort William or someplace else.

1. Check the weather prior to booking.

2. Plan your journey. The shorter the better when you have kids, toddlers and babies

3. If you know nothing about skiing, you have to take lessons unless you wanna wing it. It cost us probably about £41 per adult for just the lessons. Equipment rental costs are separate.

4. We had to pay for the gondola. Prices are their website.

5. Make sure you bring helpers with you to look after the kids while you have your 2 hours lessons.

6. It can be quite cold up in the mountain when the wind hits so some toddler might not enjoy being there. Be prepare to stay indoor all the time.

7. Bring lots of snacks, kids can get hungry (A LOT) in the cold. They have cafes up there but the food are a bit blunt, limited and quite pricey

8. Wear proper waterproof clothes & thermals even if you're there to just enjoy the snow and not going skiing.

9. Forget strollers. Take carriers instead.

10. And don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures.

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