Summer in Hijab

Wearing a hijab and a full on clothes based on the Islamic law during the season of summer could get a bit challenging for us muslims. And the selling of retail clothes on the high street isn't much help either what with every single bit seems revealing for us to wear. For the hijab part, not much choice too. The mainstream people don't wear scarves or shawls during this particular season. Why would they obviously. If there were to wear scarves it would be something like silk scarf with bold prints and patterns which not most of us would like to wear them everyday because it takes a bit of time to iron them properly and to match them with great outfit. By the time we're ready to go for groceries (after 2 hours of battling with our kids to prepare them to go out) the shop has already closed . So to find affordable and great choices of shawls or scarves for the summer with great cooling material that we would love could be quite challenging in the western world.
A few months back, a friend of my mine which also happens to be the owner of the famous Malaysian Hijab brand Sugarscarf came to see me. She wanted to have her hijab here in the UK and Europe market so she had asked me to help a bit in promoting. Due to the seasons change in the country, she had to find something that could fit both cold and warm weather without compromising in style. And so she came across this gorgeous material for shawls that she had to make them available for us to buy. She named them Lana and they are now having discounts on their UK website here. And while you guys are there, don't missed on checking other products as well. The have their awesome Madison collection all flown from Malaysia to the UK just for the Europe Market.

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