Our 1st House

Although it is nothing extra-ordinary about owning a house, I feel like blogging about how my husband and I decided to buy a house in the United Kingdom. Despite us not having our permanent resident yet and how it depletes all of our savings buying this beautiful decent house in the suburb.

It has been almost 9 months since we moved to our first house. It is a double storey detached house that sits nicely between the city and the highway. We are no longer living in the city of London as I type this. We decided that it is best we stayed in the suburb raising our 2 kids. Moreover, Fairuz got a job here that pays the bill at the moment and they pay him quite well considering the recession that hits the O&G industry at the moment.

We waited for 6 months to finally finalise our purchase with this house. Although in theory we could get the keys as early as just a few days. This house was originally a show house. The garage was their office. It’s a new development area and we love the design so much that it was an instant chemistry when we viewed it. But the developer decided that they didn’t want to sell it at that time due to some plan they had with the buying and selling deals.

We didn’t thought we could buy them because with only a single stable income, we don’t quite have the depo really. With our conditions and the strict rules that the UK policies have with giving away loans, we are not even as close to half of the depo. But much to my surprise, Fairuz got hook on searching a financial advisor that could help with the purchase. And soon we found the right mortgage provider. To top it all, it was really meant to be because we got this UK gov scheme where they help with first time homebuyer. It ended up we pay a small amount of depo and the government paid the rest huge chunk of it.

Lo and behold. We could finally say the house is ours. Until today we still have to pinch ourselves (apart from the monthly mortgage repayment..sheesh!) to remind us that. We could not be more grateful for the rezq that was given by Allah s.a.w. Truly if it meant to be it is meant to be. No matter what are your conditions. Who knows, maybe we'll buy another one in London someday. Now that would truly be our dream.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read how you managed it. Congrats!

FadMN said...

Congrats on your new house ( 1 year is still consider new right ��).i always keen to know how u get to buy the house in uk when i saw ur post at insta.i must say,a big achievements for both of u and very proud.owh lagi satu,sangat jeles ok.its always my dream to living and work oversea ��.

sapphire said...

congrats on your new home!i know memang susah sangat nak beli rumah kat sana. even nak jadi penduduk tetap pun susahkan. UK is always my nomber place to go. but until now sebelah tapak kaki pun tak jejak lagi LOL. one day insyaAllah.. :)