" Alana: The day I had Chocolate"

Today, my little girl turns 10 months. It has been quite a journey with her. What she did and how she has done it are somehow very similar to my first boy. Probably all kids are the same. They know how to act all crying when trying to get your attention. And how they all don't want to sleep and try their best to fight her teary tired eyes.

But her characters are totally different from Wildan. She's fierce, adventurous, a dare devil. That translate into her being very fast in her development stages. While my boy was a little cautious, proper and particular. Even taking steps he makes sure everything is slowly and surely.

At 10 months my Alana can walk confidently while holding any edges. At 6 months she was crawling confidently. She now can say mama or bye bye. Although bye bye are a bit "pelat" but she's has started to talk! *teary mom. Oh how the time flies. I am 30 years old this year and soon I'll be 40 and 50. Masya'Allah.

Alana has been a bit picky on food nowadays. She used to eat anything from fruits to vegetable. I tried giving all the nutrients she needs but she just wants whatever her abg is having. And she wants adult food. I think she has a taste and she thinks "That's it! I'm having adult food from now on". She ate noodles like an adult. And she loves it.

The other day I was doing something suddenly I saw her nibbling on Wildan's snacks. I think the box of mcvities chocolate was lying around the living room and she just took it and open it. By the time I saw her, her face was full of chocolate and she was beaming with happiness. *gasp!

I couldn't have the heart to take it away from her. She was so happy and all smiley. How do you take away a kid's happiness right?



Fatihah Salleh said...

MashaAllah kak hana. she is so cute. May ur family in His bless always.. inshaAllah...

anisso said...

great seeing her growing up like this. she's so cute and gonna be an awesome person afterwards. I bet.