10 interesting facts I found after 6 years of living in London.

Six years I have lived in London. I have grown to learn the city that had partly shaped the person I am today. From taking her red double decker buses to where I am needed to driving and stopping at her generous amount of traffic lights every 2 minutes. I have grown to love the city and never get tired of it.

Like the saying from Mr Samuel Johnson goes "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford".

Busy but exciting. Crowded but interesting. Old but breathtaking.

For a Malaysian that lived, studied, fell in love, being married and gave birth there for all those wonderful years, I could not be more grateful enough for the opportunity. Most Malaysian that I've met are either intrigued or very interested in knowing life in and visiting London. Here's what I wanna share;

1. Everybody seems to be speaking their own languages but english there. Almost but not all people you've encountered are foreigner.

2. A Londoner would stands on the right side of the escalator. And walks up or down on the left side.

3. Bayswater seems to be a Malaysian Village. That would explained it as the Malaysian Hall is there and Malaysian tends to go wherever 'a Malaysia' flag stands even when we are traveling.

4. The Malaysian Hall offers the most cheap and affordable restaurant and accommodation. Although it is not the best in terms of cleanliness and the men and women have to be separated. But hey, it's super cheap. 1 tips. NEVER convert.

5. A Malaysian traveller would think of a Malaysian who lived in London is a snob and unfriendly because we never seems to smile or say Salam to them. But the fact is there are so many Malaysian in London that if we stop and say hi to each and everyone that we've encountered, the event could go on forever.

6. But we LOVE it when they smiled and said hi to us and we are more than willing to help them if they ever needed some help.

7. We prefer either to take the bus or walking than the Underground. The Underground could get a bit stuffy and crowded. Underground in the summer. Oh. My. God. Don't get me started it's the worst.

8. Pickpocket is everywhere especially in crowded places like the bus and underground. So try not to put your valuable in your most easy access bags or pockets.

9. If you are alone, everywhere you go there will always someone to help with your bags or your stroller. Or if you are pregnant, they will give you their seats. Makes you wish all the people in your country are like this.

10.  The renting home could cost us up to about 2/3 of our monthly income. It is that expensive. No we're not rich when we live in London. Except of course if we work in the investment area or got paid by the hourly.

There we go. 10 interesting facts. As much as I love London and I consider it's home, I love my kids more. My husband and I decided it's best we lived somewhere more suburban (sounded posh ey? Haha but it's not) and get the kids to enjoy a little bit more space to run around.

Hence I am no longer staying in London but every so often you could see me there.

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