Would Not Trade For Anything

When you are a mom everyday you're faced with what you think is a simple challenge but turns out they could be sometimes something that you lose your mind to. Like for example, with Wildan, he is a fussy eater. Super fussy that most of the time I cringed when thinking about what to give him for dinner. His taste buds are somehow enhanced to a level where even adults like us couldn't taste it. He even gets bored when eating the same thing everyday. It can be hard sometimes because his choice of food are not just quite limited but very picky too.

For instance, you think pizza is his favourite. No problem just order them and done! his lunch is sorted. But noooooo... he might say "No" to pizza just because he doesn't feel like eating it. This boy of mine rather starve than eating something his taste bud don't feel like eating.

I lose my mind.

Now Fairuz and I are struggling with potty training. He just doesn't want to sit on it. He was okay at first but after a while it become a battle to even just wash him when he poop or when it's time to wash. Do you guys experience this kinda thing or is it just us?

He's 2 years and 8 months now and I think he should be potty trained by now. All of his friends in his class are by the way. Which is annoying becuase everytime I have to bring nappies to his school I blushed and say sorry profusely to his teachers which by the way are awesome.

A few of my friends who knows me asked me what I do all day long and do I sit home and just take care of my babies. I said yes! Proudly. Although I know some of them might think it could be boring to just sit home and do nothing. Oh well, let me tell you. It is far from nothing. I wish I have an extra hand to help me take care of them. You got laundry to do, floor to vacuum, mouth to feed, dishes to unload, kitchen to clean, toys to pick up for the 100th times and business to monitor. And each of those chores have their own unique challenges that you have to faced. Every. Single. Day. It is quite exhausting by the end of the day I am so knackered I could just sleep anywhere.

To those teachers in Wildan's nursery I salute them to work around children every day.

But by the end of the day nothing beats seeing your babies growing up right in front of your eyes. Seeing them developed into their real own character, taking their first step wobbly, them smiling at you when you make funny faces and hearing them laughing everyday. I would not trade that for anything. I have pledged to myself that I will take care of my babies full time at least until they are in pre-school and then I will work full time. Because honestly, as their mommy I would want myself to be the first to everything that they do. Before you know it they are all grown up and ready to leave you *cries.

For those very fortunate could send their kids to their grandparents. I could send them to nursery at a very young age and work but for me taking care of them myself is my priority. And thinking other people will take care of my baby, doing differently than I would do it. No thank you.

In my case, I don't see a point in having kids if I were to send them off for someone else to take care of them just because I want to have extra money.

I'm sure any mothers who could have the opportunity to be with their kids would choose that too. After all 3-5 years of not working is not that long.

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