Business Takes A Lot

Running a business long distance especially when the business is not yet reached its maximum establishment is hard. Super hard.

Imagine dealing with your staff only through whatsapp (thank god right?) and emails. Not to mention, never meeting your vendors face to face and dealing only through emails. Bless them. You really gotta have a reliable staffs. Although L'adorn is a partnership base business, my partner works fulltime and does not have access to our server through her company. She could only do so much. And I could only do so much. Plus, the time zone. Oh god time zone. It's totally upside down 180 degree between UK and Malaysia.

Sometimes it does take a toll on me. Not sleeping properly, dealing with frustration. And did I mention the website I build it on my own? I mean the template of course. Not that I did it by scratch but small editing and customising as well as content management. Yup! All by reading through tedious and long documentation. Sometimes I think I lost a lot of my time fixing bugs and error whenever we have problems.

Let me give you an advice to those who are thinking in doing business online and have no idea on building a website. Get a developer! or better yet. Subscribe to readymade website building tools like shopify. I swear it helps A LOT. The support system is the best!

My other advice to those who are thinking of doing business long distance like myself. Get a partner or someone you really really trust that could handle the business for you in the other country. Make sure your partner can do fulltime preferably otherwise get someone who can. A manager. Seriously.

Business takes a lot of sacrificing. I mean look at all the successful people who plunged themselves into their business. They quit their job, sell their house, sell their car just to get the capital and to a have start. But honestly, I think most of them are just pushing themselves to their limit. Which is good. How else do you push yourself if not to get our of your comfort zone? And what about loosing your time with your family and friends? Competition? I told you business takes a lot.

But of course once you're in it you will try your best to sustain the business. Most business fails in their first year. And reached their plateau in their 3rd year. So it is best to plan a head. Planning and strategise your business so that you can be a head of the game. Do not care about other competitor. Just be yourself and pray a lot. Focus. Delegate properly. Build a strong system first.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of working on your own and be your own boss.

My most trusted comrade. My model. The most sabar person I've known who tolerate my bossy - ness. I love her so much!

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