Holy monthly

It's the Ramadhan now and the muslims in the UK fast about 19 hours perday. Me. I'm nursing. It's very likely I am and will not fast for the whole month. I haven't fast for the past few years and if next year Allah wills me to do it, I am going to struggle a bit. I know.

I have to admit I do have a slight guilty feeling of not being able to fast. And last year (or was it the last 2 years? I can't remember), I tried fasting while carrying a baby in my belly. It was so hard I was on the verge of fainting. It was 16 hours of fasting at that time. So I completed only 2 days and decided to dropped it.

Some mothers are strong that they actually pay back by fasting for the whole month that they left. But because mine was about 3 years of not fasting, I choose to pay Fidyah instead.

The nights are short this summer so some of us choose not to sleep before the "sahur". We're afraid we might missed the small sahur window. Lets face it, keep snoozing off the phone doesn't help either. But to be honest, although it's 19 hours fasting it is not actually that bad. I mean, not that I fast or anything but this is based on my previous experience. Sure of course, if you don't walk past through a huge bigmac billboard to your uni like I did 3 years ago. I would say fasting during summer is A okay.

I love Ramadhan. For the non muslim there might not be much of a different but for me, Ramadhan is very peaceful to say the least. Don't you think?

I hope it is not too late to say Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim in the world and may Allah accept our deeds throughout this whole holy month.


Gee said...


Just come across your blog while google for travelling tips..Happy Ramadhan Kareem.

If i'm not mistaken,if you bayar fidyah but you still have to ganti puasa ikut bilangan hari yang tinggal. But i rasa you should rujuk to yang lebih arif.

Just my two cents.

Mai R said...


Dear, from what I remember and learned during tasawwur lesson in school was that it is still required for a pregnant or nursing mothers to make up the fasts when they are able to do so. If the days are many, you can space it instead of fasting consecutively. After all there's 11 months time to make it up before the next Ramadhan. Perhaps also take advantage to fast during the season when the days are shorter. The scholar's view that it is enough to just pay fidyah is a weak view. Plus pregnant/nursing mothers are likened to those who are sick or travelers where they have to make up missed fasts when possible even if it's delayed. Wallahualam. Ramadan kareem :)

hanafedora said...

Waalaikummussalam ;) Ramadhan Kareem to you too. I appreciate the concern thank you so much. However, i learn differently from all the ustaz here in the UK. And some from Malaysia. And i have done a great deal of research about this especially when i've not fasting for a great deal of years. We can either choose either one but giving is better as we are helping the unfortunate. There are hadith to support. Probably you could look more into it? Don't take my answer to face value.

The one you're referring is the one i've also learn from school.


asraf said...

salam..masih kenal i ke..asraf from uniten..add me on fb..m_asraf4@yahoo.com

siti hajjar said...

Salam kak...saya belajar dulu kalau tinggal Puasa kita wajib ganti Puasa pada tahun tersebut.kalau tak dapat ganti pada tahun three but, carryforwad ke tahun depan ganti Puasa dan fidyah skali. Apa saya belajar, selagi kita tak habis huang Puasa yg ditinggalkan, selagi itulah fidyah perlu di bayar setiap tahun untuk setiap hari yang ditinggalkan.maksudnya bilangan Puasa ganti yang ditinggalkan sama, bayaran fidyah dah accumulated.jzkk