What a mom to do

I once wrote that doing a PhD is one of the most challenging thing to do. That was a long time ago. Well...not that I'm gonna change my statement but now...being a mom...especially of two..take challenging to a whole new level. Oh my god.

There's not a day goes by without getting surprises. Kids are unpredictable. Su.Per.Unpredictable. You think they don't know a thing but they know almost everything. And it's true what they say, you learn a lot  new things everyday when you are with a kid. Not just things but you learn about them too. And most of the time it's just a failed attempt to handle them. Haha. I laugh now but usually I'm not laughing though (not in a bad way I promise).

At the age of 2, you realised that your kid has started to copy whatever you do or say. Parents have a major influence over their own kids. Let me tell you one very important lesson I learn. Everything starts at HOME. The way you teach your kids to discipline, the way you talk, the words you use in your everyday life, the way you treat people, the way you handle your work or your life. Kids downloaded all these and embedded them forever. That's why some parents take pride in their children.

As a parent we want to show the best example to our kids. So that one day they will grow up to be a fine person. Not only they deserve the best education or the best life but they also deserve to be the best person that they could be by following the examples that you have set to show them. If you are kiasu, they will grow up thinking kiasu is fine. If you are selfish, they might become selfish too without even realising it. You help to build their character. Especially for mom, where in Islam itself said that our job is to nourish and teach our kids (but that doesn't mean dad can cheat). So you gotta be kind to people, bring your boy to the masjid, read lots of book, love knowledges, show that you don't take things for granted and you work hard to get to where you are. Don't just give them, teach them. They deserve it. Because when they are 30, they will say and think "my mom and dad made me who I am today".

One time I forgot to do something. Wil was playing with Fairuz. I couldn't remember what I forgot but Fairuz reminded me and I immediately utter the word S*** loudly in front of Wil. Now you think kids they don't know but they do. As Fairuz was saying "Yanggggg!!" Wil was laughing at me while trying to utter the same word. He was laughing as if he knows what was going on. It was hilarious. I know I know. I did say a few times to him "Wil! Don't use that word okay. Mommy made a mistake. Don't use that word". But it was too late as he was still busy trying to imitate me.

*sigh my boy. He's a sulk champion nowadays.

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Ha Halimah said...

I'm missing your writing, i guess u stop since wilwil grow up a bit and u pregnant 2nd child .. glad u start to write lately!