Post Pregnancy Write Up

Dear Journal,

The other day on the 10th of march 2014 specifically, Alana turned 6 weeks 5 days. She has started to smile after recovering from a very bad eczema (I swear you will never be tire of a baby smile). We had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and the Dr had to inject her with antibiotic. The drug was somewhat a miracle. The eczema went off almost a few hours and it has started to clear off after about a day. I keep on asking why. Why did she had eczema and what's the point? She's so little she doesn't deserve the pain and suffering. But Allah knows best and I just have to let qada' and qadar run their course and for me to learn to increase my patience. Which I realised I am lack of these past few months. I'm not sure why I am easily annoyed. I mean I would understand if I were Sheldon Cooper. But I am no way a genius. Hehhee... Whatever. (See I told you...)

By the way. Life is getting hectic-er by the day with a baby and a toddler. Thank god mom and sis are here to help. I am still not confident enough with taking care both alone for a whole day. Especially with handling the famous terrible 2. Yes! Wilwil has reached that stage. He demanded attention and he's not getting any from mommy like the good old days.

I bought a huge mirror the other day and I have a target! I aim to shed (not all) this baby weight in 3 months time. Bahahah! I'm kidding myself right? what with mommy here. It's food heaven over here. And no you can't have them. Bahaha but still definitely no harm in targeting. Kan?

So let see how it would go. My inspiration - Kate middleton. So okay... here I go.. Day 1: The target set... (eh wait..don't have a weighing machine how la? okay la gotta buy one now)



bleu_lavender said...

Hi good to see you back! Was wondering whatever happened to Aimie Habban. Really hope she makes a comeback too =)

rahila said...

baby wilwil just like my brother when he was young. ahaha

Thara L A Aziz said...

What happen to the weight machine? :/