My little guy

My little guy can't wait to be a grown up these days. He copied almost everything we do. It's a critical stage for him and it a beware-what-you-say-or-do stage for us. We gotta make sure what we say or do is appropriate for him to copy. I think this is the stage where they are the most adorable ever.

Wilwil is a very soft and gentle person. One time he played with my pencil. Now this wasn't any ordinary pencil. It was a gift from a friend who visited Ireland. It is green and on its tail attached a leprechaun figure. Wilwil took the pencil and tried to imitate an old person with a walking stick. As if the pencil was the stick, he bended his body so that pencil could touch the floor. I was so stunned as to where he got that idea. And it was so hilarious I couldn't helped myself to laugh very out loud. He realised i was laughing at him and started to cry. Poor baby. In actual fact, I wasn't laughing at him. I was laughing at the gesture and how cute it was. I wonder who he copied that from.

he has started to sleep on his own toddler bed. We bought it off on ebay by bidding for £10. He loves his bed and would want to sleep there instead of sleeping on our bed or the baby cot where he previously sleeps. But for now he is still sleeping in our room because obviously mommy is very clingy and he is such a precious thing. I couldn't bear letting him sleeping alone although he could because he never woke up in the middle of the night anymore.

Many people asked me, how is he now that Alana's in the picture. I would say he is the most loving brother ever. The minute Alana starts to cry, he would call me and make a sad face and point to Alana. He would pat her and stroke her head gently. He would want to hold her and kiss her despite the fact that he doesn't even know how to kiss he just press his head to Alana's head. That's kiss to him. Haha.

He is such an amazing little boy he makes me proud everyday. I love being his mom but I think I am not good enough for him. Sometimes I lose my patience with him and he doesn't deserve that at all. He grows up so fast I couldn't keep up. 

One thing I learn from being a mom is that you seriously seriously gotta control your emotions. Everything you do is a green light that it is okay for your kid to act that way in the future. If you loose your patience he will too. If you are a clam person, Insha'allah he will too. So it is best to keep calm and think. Or at least have your partner to calm you down or take over a situation when your little one is having one of his acts. And kids, they only reacted that way when there is something wrong. Very rarely they just acting up just because they feel like it. They spoiled because we spoil them. 

These beautiful moments of bringing up your baby and watching him grown and learn isn't forever. It's so short it could feels like it's just a blink of an eye. I shall make the best of it and cherish every moment and keep it close to my heart. I shall learn to reflect all the time so that one day I can look back and there shall not be a even a slightest hint of regret in bringing up my baby.

I love you Wil.


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Hana' this is the sweetest post ever! May Allah bless and protect you and your family always xo

Fha Hzh said...

so sweet of bro Wilwil. He is growing so quick and started to become a good elder brother as well :)