A tiny huge news

So I'm back in Malaysia for a few good weeks for some holiday and business purposes. Fairuz is still in the UK working but I got on the plane earlier than him so I can spend some time relaxing and working while having someone there to take care and play with baby Wil.

When you are living overseas with only you, your baby and your husband life sure is demanding to a whole new level. Having some quiet time alone without juggling between washing poops, cooks, cleans and do works are such distance memories which I can't remember when was the last time I had. So Fairuz and I decided that I should just go back and let baby Wil plays with a lot of people. And I can blog too!

I have huge news! I am actually expecting another one. Uhuh!! heard that right. I'm 4 months along and the first 3 months was the toughest. Even tougher than when I had baby Wil. I got a toddler to take care and my body was constantly tired all I wanted to do was sleep. Big respect to other mommies who had done it a million times more harder than I did.

And oh! by the time this little one is out, baby Wil..or should I just say big Wil will be 2!! OMG I hope I can cope.

"Look at me! I'm a big boy now I'll be a big brother! but err errmm I think need a diaper change"


Lydia said...

Waahhhhh.... Congrats Hana!!!

dayana idris said...

Hai Pedo...congratulation on the good news... Ana (u used to call me "dayang")pun tgh expecting the second one gak:)) currently 7 months dah..hihi.. anyway, good to hear u r back in Malaysia. and i heard bout l'adorn sale too:)) ehehhhe..

P/s: may i know what camera brand n model u use for all your picture? am i love with the picture quality:)

Azyan Dirs said...

Alhamdulilah congratulation darling :)