No no Mummy

God knows I've been spending a lot of my time on instagram nowadays. With work pilling up and juggling being a mommy, instagram is just so easy to updates. Not to mention seeing all pretty square photos online is just sometimes can make one smiles. It's social media rave for 2013. So catch me on instagram if you guys have one. It's fun!

It scares the crap out of me thinking and realising how time flies crazily fast these days. Especially if you're a mom. Everything just seem to be...I don't know....just a glance. And puff! It's new year. And my god in a year or so i'm no more in my twenties. I hate that!

And baby Wilwil has already turned 1 year old!!! can you imagine?! This tiny little being was in my tummy for 9 months tapping his way around. Kicking my ribs strongly I sometimes cried. And now he's 1 and beginning to get awareness for his surroundings. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't. And it's so cute when he expressed his no no to something that he didn't like.

No no mummy.

He's also starting to know people and of course out of all, he prefers his mommy. hehe it's a wonderful feeling.

Tomorrow will be the first day of baby wilwil goes to playschool/nursery. I know I'm not working officially and I can actually do all my thesis work at home, but we're trying to give baby Wil a chance to socialised and have friends to play with. Encourage him to do stuff and learn sharing.

Awww.. My baby all grown up. Don't cry okay? It'll be alright and you'll have fun.

So this is how moms feel when sending off her baby to school.

Sad but proud.


Pae said...

The first day I sent baby Emir to nursery (he was 2mo) I had a miserable feeling..but now I rather be thankful that we sent him off at earlier age..

Ohh, I agreed that updates on instagram is much fun and easier..but please please..don't let this blog quiet for too long, cause I (or maybe we) just love to read and listen from you ;)

Laila said...

Beautiful MashaAllah :)

Lia sari said...

haha comelnya his puckered lips. ..