Baby Wilwil poorly

For the past few days have been quite stressful. Baby Wil got poorly because he went to the nursery and he was throwing up a lot to a point he was almost dehydrated. He can't keep anything down his tummy. Nekma had to do a lot of laundry due to this. He was crying the whole day and it was super heartbreaking for a mom.

So we went to the GP and turned out he his throat was red and there was an infection. So the Dr prescribe him an antibiotic. Alhamdulillah he was able to sleep a bit okay the night he took the medication compare to the night before.

This Wednesday we have nursery again and I am worried that he might catch another horrible bug. Does any of you experience this? Your baby got sick when sent to the nursery? And does it keeps happening?


Fara said...


From my experience, usually from bottle or water. Better kalau bekalkan few bottles utk feeding, sbb selalunya diorg 'susah' nak basuh bersih2.

hanafedora said...

Mmm don't think so because Wil is breastfeeding only and exclusively at that. He stayed only a few hours at the nursery. Well I guess things just happened.

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si bolongan said...


kes u sama dengan anak sedara saya, baru sebulan mama dia hantar ke nursery, dia demam, muntah2 n cirit birit... rupa2nya kena rota virus...seminggu jugak la dia stay kat hospital... Dr. kata mmg normal baby kena virus ni, tambah2 untuk baby yang sebelum ni tak pernah duduk bercampur dgn baby lain...boleh dikatakan 90% baby akan kena virus dr suggest suntik vaksin rota masa umur 3 bulan...kalau nak info lanjut pasal rotavirus, u boleh google...ada banyak inf di internet...rasanya tak bahaya pun...

Izzi Daisy said...

saya tak tau lah dalam kes baby wilwil ni jangkitan dia camana.kalau anak sya agak mudah jugak kena jangkitan.ari tu kena virus kuku dan mulut berjangkit ngan budak kat nursery

rob786 said...

so cute babey