A mom's life: Diary #1

Before I became a mother, I could not imagine myself a maternal person.

I was always busy occupying most of my time with work, travels, friends and activities. I Couldn't imagine myself taking care a helpless tiny demanding human being. And cleaning up poop? Euuww (it's still euww though even after 1 year being a mom)

Although I married earlier than most of my friends, becoming a mom was a difficult decision for me. I mean, what if i'll lose my old life? What if I'll lose most of my activity times?

Let me tell you this. YOU WILL LOSE. No more date night. No more strolling the streets of London on weekend nights. No more shopping peacefully. No more dining without interruption. 

And the not so best part. No more sleeping through the night. T_T

Try opening your laptop to do work or reply even 1 email in front of your 1 year old. I'll impress myself if I can even finished writing 1 word.

But all this in a good way of course. :) I don't know why. But it does.

Taking care a tiny you is just so satisfying. Seeing him smiling after feeding him lunch. Hearing the sound of his super cute laughter when you make funny faces. Ohh my god. Totally melts your heart away.

Now. All I could think of is my child wellbeing. His lifestyle. His surrounding. What type of clothes is he wearing. Is he comfortable? Should I buy 100% cotton? I can't shop. I need to save for his college fund.

It's like our life is not our own anymore. Literally.

Not to mention changing the bedsheet every 2 days. Thank god mom's here, she can't stand not doing housework so she did all the laundry. Without her I think I might bugged Fairuz to bring us out to buy new bedsheet every 2 days. 

I'm not kidding!

*gasped!! No Mommy I'm not messing your kitchen. I'm cleaning it for you.


MamaHaraz said...

agreed! especially the washing poop part hi hi hi


Nadh a said...

Betul3...pnt tp seronok