Shaving heads

Sometimes being married is not always rosy and peachy. Honestly. You and your Mister argue about small stupid things even kids don't argue about them.

So the other day Fairuz suggested that we should trim baby Wilwil's hair so that it'll be a tiny bit neater. He has been bugging me about it for quite a while but my answer is still plain "NO!". I mean I love his hair. I love every inch of his hair albeit they aren't neat. Baby Wilwil's not going into any army academy so why should we tampered with his hair. Right? Okay, maybe it's just me. But I really do love babies hair that's kinda messy.

So this day goes like this while we've just finished giving bath to baby Wilwil.

Fairuz: "Don't you think we should trim his hair so that it's neat. It looks weird, it's thick here but over here we can see his head."

Me: "No!"

Fairuz: "Why?!! Look at his hair, so kesian"

Me: "No!!"

Fairuz: "We should..."

Me: NO!! (before he could actually finished his sentences). I love his hair. It's perfect the way it is. It's so cute that it's not neat. Especially when he just woke up from nap. He's sooooo cute looking all messy. Otherwise if it's neat, he'll look like an army. And he's not an army, he is my baby...yada yada yada"

Fairuz: Let's shave it off!

Me: NO!! ( I wish there's bigger font)

Fairuz: I'm gonna shave it off when you're asleep and when you wake up you'll see it's all gone. HAHA.. (soo annoying I tell you I could rip his head off)

Me: No!! I'm gonna shave your head when you're asleep!!


Me: Aarrgghhhh.. (Seriously)

I don't know why but sometimes I think Fairuz is being all annoying just to get on my nerve.

Really. Very mature.


yunayuni said...

My daughter's hair is so messy too but I love it heheh. Hubby oso bising to cut it off but i just keep on delaying it. So far I am winning haha. Messy hair is too cute!

noorzakiyah said...

i totally understand that feeling! my child was born with very thick and curly hair but since she was born up till now we never shaved her hair. so sayang..despite the pressure from my parents and relatives haha.
so far we only trimmed her hair and cut it a lil bit so that it wont cucuk her eyes.