Quietly There

Like my new layout?

I've decided that it's time to change. And that time is today.

I've always love clean simple yet feminine theme. So I did my own header and wallah.... here's the new "From Small Things". What do you think?

Oh! L'adorn website is on maintenance at the moment. We hope it'll soon be up in no time. Meanwhile, to those who are new to L'adorn, new arrivals are uploaded every monday morning. There are so many stocks coming in that I just had to find time to shoot the pictures. But unfortunately I can't seem to find any these days now that baby wilwil have started to crawl really really (I mean really) fast. And the only time I have is at night and by that time the lightings are rubbish.

During daylight, this is what I have to deal with

He was really quiet. Turned out, I found him playing with this!!

Oh my carpet.



lydiarahayumahmod said...

I love your new layout !

malia said...

Cutela baby wilwil ;-))

Zairihan Abdul Halim said...

Simple but nice layout. A bit surprised, honestly.. I was like, "eh, did I misclicked my blog list?" Baby loves to touch and explore things around :)

Diana said...

Hi, I just love your quinny. And your wonderful scarves, MasyaAllah. But, which quinny do you use?

Laila said...

MashaAllah your kid is so awesome :D

and yes, I like the new layout, it's so cute!