My favourite scarf

I've developed love for cotton mixed long shawls. It so easy to wear them and they are suitable for hot weather and cold weather. They are like our favourite tudung bawals but with much more fashionable prints and patterns. Not to mention they are large enough to cover our chest. Triple bonus points!!

You can wear them in any way you want. You can wear them as a shawl or fold and wear them as a square scarf. Brilliant! You can wear them on your shoulder for those non-hijabi as well. They are so flexible I feel like I want to buy all of them. But Fairuz have been nudging me and giving me the raise eyebrow. He knows what's in my head he makes me cringed.

I've been wearing them everyday when I was in Malaysia. No need to iron and if you're super lazy on a sunday, you can even wear them without pins nor brooch. I'm not kidding.

Sharifah sofia in one of our cotton mixed long scarf

I am so excited that we have dozens of new stocks of these cotton shawl coming in. They have been everyone's favourite that as soon as they go online, they sold out! I know lots of you have been asking them to be restocked. We are trying our best and hopefully soon they'll be available again.

I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of them. We have vibrant colours as well as plain and pastel colours. L'adorn will be releasing them every monday morning and hopefully you ladies got to grab them as soon as possible.

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Farhana Aziz said...

Kak Hana pleaseeeee give us tutorials on how you wear your hijab. You look fabulous with those hijabs! :D

dira said...

salam kak to get those scarves since i'm in uk?

mizz yan said...

How do you wear your shawls? I'd really love to know how. If you could possibly make a tutorials , that would be awesome. Thanks! ♡

sakinah said...

salam.blh post ke coventry tak?