Being a baby wilwil

I'm having trouble with coping and handling lil Wilwil for the past few days. He's been having and still have heavy flu and his teething is getting worst by the day. We can see his cute bunny rabbit teeth sticking our now. It's so cute! But the flu is so bad I feel so sad watching him gasping for air while breastfeeding.

He had minor temperature at the beginning of the flu bug. It started with Fairuz and now it has spread house-whole. I just hope I'll not get any sicker than I am right now. Believe me it's the most hardest thing taking care of a sick baby when you are sick as well.

On the positive side, sick baby simply means his immune system is developing. It also means the parent is developing her patience level.

Oh boy.

A friend said they need extra TLC than usual. I just hope that he'll get back to his usual self soon. I miss my happy go lucky baby!

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somebody said...

Salaam, im advising in good faith so please dont get me wrong. the nickname, wilwil sound like what the hindus chant during thaipusam. please get a better nickname,