You've started crawling

Dear Wilwil,

Last week was daddy's first week of his new job. We just got back from Malaysia after a month of holiday and I think you've grown tremendously. You've started to crawl and mummy thinks it's the most amazing thing. We had it on video the first time you crawl. Thank god for technology.

Mummy have to pay extra attention nowadays. One time you fell while you try standing and hit your head on the carpet. I swear my heart stops beating for a moment. Now I know how it feels like to have your heart smashed to the wall. Nekma said to me "now you know how painful it is when you were so naughty". She was right. It was painful hearing you own baby cry.

I thought I must write this so maybe one day you could read it. Being your mom brings more joy than I could ever imagine. The way you smile at me, the way you look at me, the way you admire me, just being your mom, it's a gift that nobody could take that away from me.




Alieyazainal said...

dear sister hana,
wildan da makin comel! rindu nk baca evrythg about him.
and this entry just make me miss my mum alot..
~mum is the best of person Allah gift to me n evrybody.. =)

Nesayang said...

Agree with Alieyazainal :')
sis, update lah selaluuuuuu hehehe

bie mags7 said...

it has been ages since your last entry.....!ooww wildan...he's so a good boy  okey..?

ifah said...


ifah said...

comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll >,<

Nurhaziqah said...

sweet sangat