The pan

Being a mom is bad ass.. haha

Excuse me.

I mean, being a mom is tough job.

Especially when you're living overseas all by yourself with only your spouse without the family support. Sure, there are qualified great baby sitters out there but it'll be like paying an engineer back home. £1000 per month (not fulltime!!) is too crazy. Apparently being a baby sitter is a skill. And those skills are acquired by people not just by experiences but by qualification as well. Per hour can go up to £50 if you're a baby sitter here in the UK. I'm beginning to think I've picked the wrong career.

But to be honest, taking care of a child is way way way harder than it looks like. And for us mom, it's not like "omg-I-hate-my-job-it's-hard-I-need-to-find-a-new-one" kind of thing, you can't get away with it. Like it or not you are bound to have huge responsibility. And everything seems to revolved around this little tiny human we call our baby.

My house is a ship wreck at this very instance. Laundry mountain up on the sofa, dishes in the sink haven't been washed since god knows, tiny toys scattered around the living room, clothes still in our luggage from our previous holiday, I haven't washed my hair in 2 days (oh no wait! I did wash it yesterday). See....

I've also developed some sort of a problem called the degradation of the synapses in the encephalon. Fancy. But in another word "forget".


Today I wanted to fry something for lunch. So I gathered all the oil in my kitchen I can get. There wasn't a lot but enough to fry something. So you know, the usual heat up a pan, pour some oil. Wait until oil gets hot. Then baby wilwil crawled into the kitchen. No no, not a place for a baby so I carried him and brought him to the living room. Smiled at him, made him laugh just lil bit, watched Disney junior, sing a song.

I then remembered something important but I couldn't recall. Oh mom on skype, "hi mom, so what's new??".

Email pops up. Read email.

I seriously remembered something important that I need to do. Mmmm...

Suddenly I heard something fried in the kitchen. Ohh wait!!! Did I fry something? Oh noooo the oil.. Funny thing is I didn't fry anything yet, but that sounded just like something is frying.

I went to the kitchen and I found this!!


But there's no bug or insect here in the UK!! I was freaking out I almost peed. 

Story note: You see, I'm no good with any sort of bug or insect or whatever same category they are in. I hate them and it makes my skin crawl just mentioning it.

Slowly I tried lifting the pan up....and as I was cleaning up the mess... I found this that's my bug. THANK GOD!! Unfortunately that was the last drop of my oil. So I ended up eating maggi which is very yummy by the way.

So happy.

But now I got an even bigger problem, where should I hide this?

If Fairuz finds out he's going to freak out. Mmmmm.



Fiza said...

Hahaha....Hana, it's nice of you to put up story like this. Definitely happens to most moms, if not all. But, this is dangerous if we think carefully. Kitchen stuff, kena fokus sampai habis or if you can't, tinggalkan dulu... just my 2 cents

f mz said...

yup hana. being mom is a tough job, in fact.. the toughest job.
we might be great at work/in studies, but at home, we do 'silly' things as a mom.
but haha, at least we hv something to laugh about. ;p

about the sudip, wrap it in a cute box, give to fairuz as a suprise gift, let say for ur monthversary (?). ;p

kak suzi said...

ya careful daling..i pun selalu lupee nway..adoiii hahaha

Nor Syazwani Zulkifli said...

next time must be extra careful hana. hihihi..bila ada baby ni, we always try to be multitasking tapi end up kadang2 memang x fokus bila tgh buat something tuh.
haiskh..mahalnye upah baby sitter kat sana kan.. 

Babybooned said...

Hi,i've been a silent reader for a while but reading this prompted me to write a comment. A similar thing happened to me once but for me it was eggs in boiling water. Rebus telur! And i only remembered about it when the eggs started rattling in the pot because the water had gone dry. Ohmygoddd. I wish i could say it didnt happen again but it did! Last week in fact, i left water on the boil again and nasib baik the other half got home and switched it off. Take good care of urself n jgn bagi pisang berbuah dua kali like me. Hehe.