Sleeping comfortably

In the early months, I trained baby Wilwil to sleep in his baby cot and to sleep on his own. It's hard at first seeing him crying on top of his lungs but I had to do what I had to do. It's soo sad I think Fairuz almost cried. But it turns out it wasn't that bad. It took him 2-3 days to got the message that he must sleep on his own. Honestly, babies are wayyyy clever than we thought they are.

But then he got serious eczema problem. At night while sleeping he keeps scratching his cheeks until they bleed. That was even more sad. We had to swaddle him to prevent him from scratching but he was too strong he's able to take off his swaddle. In the end we had to put him to sleep beside us. The whole night I would huge him so that he's hands are off his face. No chance!

It works but the consequences?

He's too comfortable sleeping with mom and dad, and it will take a huge courage to train him back.

I tried slowly putting him in the cot for at least half and half. Half in the cot, half with mom and dad. It was okay. Until........ we had our 1 month holiday in Malaysia so all the time baby Wilwil sleeps with us since bringing his cot home and from house to house wasn't an option. *sigh.

And now it's even more difficult to train him because he's beginning to understand and become more expressive. He wants what he wants really.

And seeing him crying it out just breaks my heart.

One of these days I have to start back the training. But let's face it, sometimes I am just too lazy because it really does take a huge courage and discipline.

And discipline and I?

Don't quite go the same direction.



f mz said...

yup.moms are always stuck between what's easy for us and what's good for them. ;p

good luck hana!

Tahirah Aasimuddin said...

I feel u babe!..sleep training is rather more difficult for the parents, not the babies..haha. Maybe should try other method instead of CIO.

hanafedora said...

I did tried the non crying method. huihhh mmg penat lah..So I always ended up sleeping with him..

ainayusni said...

my youngest daughter sleep with us until now (she's 8 now)...not that she don't want to sleep alone but we cannot sleep without her...hahaha..well u better train that handsome boy of yours now or you will become like hard to let her go to her own bed...InsyaAllah next year we'll be fine..