Most of my friends and families know this already.

Remember I once mentioned in this blog that I'm starting something exciting. Well, it's this. It's been going on for a few months now. We launched it when I was back in Malaysia. And as far as I see now, it's going on real fine.

For years I've always wanted to have an online store of my own. Since I started selling tie rack back in 2009. But obviously work got in the way and managing 2 major things at 1 time is too time consuming. And for the past 3 years I've been gathering money and stocks slowly since I don't have a big chunk of it in my piggy bank. Let alone in my bank. And then I had wilwil and I was on maternity leave that I started planning and calling my web designer friend.

I've also been searching someone who's similar passion is committed enough to join me but based in Malaysia. To manage things in Msia. Then I found ayu. Or rather ayu found me. She's started hers quite a while but end up being stagnant for some reason. So we decided it's best if we use her platform.

And L'adorn was born. Officially.

It is pronounced Le-dorn. Like french. Just coz. Derived from the word "Adorn". Registered both in the UK and Msia. Specialised in scarves from all kind of material from all over the world. From vintage to new ones. From Europe to Asia. Specially picked by me and Ayu.

I would loveeeee to write more but wilwil wants milk and it's 12am.

So there you go. I introduce you our little ship. Hoping it'll be as big as our dream (eventually) after I've finished my work here in London. Insya'Allah.


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arasukun arasukun said...

cantik2 sgt kak pedo! congrats on ur business ;)