Berita Harian : Behind the scene

I swear berita harian took like dozens of pictures of me being all lady like without a huge laugh nor grin. But I guess they wanted to make the paper a bit more "ceria" I guess, hence the picture. I forgive them. They did a great job after all writing the article.

But to be fair, we did had so much fun being interviewed and being photoshoot by siti and her team. They were so accommodating even after we arrived a tiny bit late than promised. I was so in a rushed I didn't had time to get assemble proper outfit nor do any make up. So I came bare face and all black. They wanted me to at least put some colour to prevent from being too washed out.

I never got the hang of doing good make up

That's ayu! She decides that it's fun to play while I ruined my face.
She's wearing a scarf by L'adorn as well which will be restocked later.

L'adorn owners while being interviewed by Siti

Then mom, my sister and my aunt came by to pick me up right after. Since my sister was wearing a scarf by L'adorn at that moment, I just had to drag her into the photoshoot. A free model is always a good thing. Plus, what are families for right if not to support you? Haha.

She wasn't very happy about it though. So I had to promise to give her a cookie. Then all was good.

We had to change to a few scarves on that day but because I needed to go elsewhere right after, changing from scarf to scarf had to be super quick. Hence, no styling styling lah. Plus, we're very simple girls really.

So that was it. A very very short session with berita harian. Mom, me, my sister and my aunt had to rush to go shopping one last time before I go back to London the next day. And I always hate that feeling.

for more designs on scarves


susuegoodday said...

waaaa...bestnya..!!congrats btw kakak.. =)

Ayu said...

Oh my tummy!

Shiela Rosli said...

All the best Hana!!!!

Masitah said...

mind showing how you don your hijab?

hanafedora said...

Insya'Allah one day :)

Khalilah MNor said...

Seriously, fall in love with the tudung that u wear~!

nabila syazwanie said...

i wish to meet in in person :)

nabila syazwanie said...

i wish to meet u in person :)