The Godfather

The other day while Fairuz and I was watching the telly, he flipped on a channel where "the godfather" was showing. *bored. I really don't understand what is it men with the godfather. Everytime the godfather on TV he lights up.

Why do you love the godfather so much? I wonder what's the moral of the story. Shooting people is cool let's be a mafia?

What?!! Being a mafia is really cool.

What??!! No it's not. I shake my head.

Then a moment later he adds

Plus, it's really cool that al cappuccino is it. He's so cool.

Hahahahah! Now I see why it's so cool. Oh yeah he's sooooo cool that they made a coffee out of his name.

Huh?!! What? I don't understand you.

Then he continues to watch intently.

I think we said "cool" like a 100 times. We're running out of vocabs watching the godfather.

I no like the godfather.


tips kurus said...

i haven't watch yet..

Sanisah said...

haha.but godfather is really cool. take care, hows the munchkin?

Bending Backwards said...

Al Cappucino? hahahahahaha

Ira Lee said...

sexy man and cool...hahahaha