New old story

Now, what's the story here?

Having a baby of your own in my opinion give you a roller coaster feeling. One minute it feels like you're growing a flower in your heart. Another minute you feel like pulling your hair just cos you honestly don't know what to do when your baby cries.

I've been extremely handful since Wildan came into our life. Most of the time I'm tired. I think I need to start exercising again so that my energy level is an exponential curve. But I know I won't be able to do that at the moment. And sometimes a simple thing such as a shower in a quiet night is just pure luxury. Especially when you're like me living in the UK having no one to help you except your spouse. Every single thing you have to do them yourself. Baby sitter can cost us a fortune here and our relatives are just so far away even those who are actually here in the UK. And to have a friend taking care of the baby in his first few months isn't in my confidence department yet. Not that they can't be a sitter, it's because Wildan is very picky with people he isn't familiar yet. So it requires a slow get-to-know process first then maybe he can be parted from his mummy.

PhD has been really really slow (not good!). Fairuz's working full time and my only free time is at night which usually shadowed by tiredness. I really have to start making and following my own routine.

On another story, Wildan has been growing tremendously wonderful and amazingly fast. He's very responsive now if you talk and smile to him. He's been going to swimming classes but so far all I see is less kicking and more relaxing. Ahhh...that boy of mine.

And oh, can you see my instagram widget on the right side of this blog? I've been spending a lot of time there then I do here. It's real easy to just post pictures and share it with everyone.

And we're in the midst of moving to a new home. I'm so excited. Although I'm gonna miss this house. We've been living here for almost 4 years and it has been our marital house since we got married. A lot of our things are surfacing, things that I know won't be used or haven't been used for a long time. These will go into ebay or charity or giftaways. But good news, I think some of them are in my closet (ok fine! most of them).

So to all you lucky ladies, do you see that 'FST online' navigation tab on this blog? That tab has been here for a while but I haven't been able to use it yet. So that 'FST online' (which stands for 'from small things' of course) tab will lead you to a page where I will sell all my old still good and never worn clothes and scarves and whatever it is that fancy a girl's closet (or even a baby's closet). Those clothes need a new home and I hope it'll be one of yours who is reading this. They're gonna be my best pieces which I've sadly outgrown from giving birth and carrying extra pounds. So make sure you come and check this blog okay?



Farahouri said...

Aww Wildan is angelic! Cudnt resist looking at him :') Semoga jdk anak soleh.. huhu...Btw it aint working, Your FST online :( sobs!

Yunayuni said...

I totally get you Hana. It is true that life has turned 360 degrees with the arrival of a baby. But definitely a good one. I have never regretted it. I used to feel tired all the time too (sometimes i still do), so i was looking all around for solutions. I took some multivits and it helped me somehow, so maybe you can explore if that could help you too. Wildan is such a cutie pie, and you look great too! Take care!

Nurazura Che Mat said...

yeaye!!jual yg cantek2 tau ;)

nor hanis said...

i will keep updating with FST online :)

Ainnatul said...

hye Wildan and kak Hana.

ADEEYA said...

So cute Wildan :)