And the list goes on...

I never knew researching and checking and comparing prices on a new born list could be a daunting experience. I have spent a whole day making the list and another whole day checking and comparing prices on each of them. Not to mention developing headache seeing and calculating the total amount it resulted into.

It's exactly in 3 months time our baby will pops out. I'll be delivering here of course in the local general hospital. Though I haven't filled up my birth plan yet, I am planning to have a water birth, Insya'Allah if God's willing. And a lot of people have been asking me how much does it cost to deliver a baby in the UK. I'd say, with a valid visa it's free of charge. Yes everything is free from prescription to dental and consultancy and such. Of course, otherwise what are tax paying for?

Anyway, I'm making a new born list here to help out all you new mommy-to-be in welcoming a new born just like I am. I'm gonna save you a bit of a trouble by doing this. So nice right? Haha. Well, I could put the prices here as well but I'm afraid the prices varies to much from country to country and since a large portion of my readers are Malaysian, I think it's best if you find out what can be offered at your local shops. I bet you can save a lot more than I am. So here they are ;

Hana's Newborn List
a . Traveling
- Baby carrier
- Car seat
- Stroller
- Diaper bag
- Celular blanket

b. Sleeping
- Baby cot / moses basket
- Sheets
- Waterproof mattress
- Fleece blanket (of course you don't need fleece if you're living in a tropical country)

c. Bathing and cleaning
- Baby bath/Shampoo (not necessarily needed for the first few months, some baby can developed enzyme because of this)
- Towels
- Baby tab (my mom used to bath me in a sink when we were living in UK)
- Sponge
- Changing mat
- Baby lotion
- Wipes
- Cotton balls
- Nappies
- Muslin squares

d. Clothing
- Stretch suits long sleeve
- Vest/ body suit short sleeve
- Hat
- Mitten
- Socks
- Jacket (Only in country that have winter/autumn)
- Snow suit (My baby will be a winter baby and I bet it'll be snowing when I bring him home)

e. Feeding and nursing
- Bibs
- Breast pump (especially if you are a working mommy)
- Steriliser equipment
- Feeding bottles (not unless if you breastfeed exclusively especially if you're a stay at home mom)
- Bottle brush
- Bottle warmer (not necessary, unless if it comes in a set then it's a bonus)
- Breast milk storage cups
- Breast pads/ nursing bra

Now, the next list would be for us during our labour in the hospital and waiting to go home

What's in your labour bag
-Maternity notes & birth plan (for UK)
- Loose cotton T-shirt to wear during labour
- Socks to keep warm
- Face wipes to stay fresh
- Lotion (It'll be winter remember?)
- Towel
- Snacks & Drink to keep the energy
- Toiletries, tissue
- Camera (capture those precious moments)
- Nursing bra
- Breast pad
- Slippers
- Sanitary pad (important)
- Clothes for the baby
- Blanket
- Nappies
- Baby hat
- Muslin squares
- Cheap/disposable panties
- Cotton wool
- Dressing gown
- A book for the waiting game
- Comfortable clothes when come home.

So there you go. I hope these will benefited some of you as it can be a benefit to me. And Oh one more thing, here's a picture of a shocked baby, bath by her mommy in a sink in the UK. I think it was cold. Haha. What a way to save some money. I'll definitely try it.


Lydiarahayu85 said...

baby saya pun pernah dimandikan dalam sink... it is easier actually plus with hot+cold paip dekat sink. (^_^). baby kan fragile kan..eheheh...kalau dalam bath up memang payah cause it is slippery.

Iva said...

You reminded me during my pregnancy days. Oh how I love being pregnant. Do treasure every moment, sleep in alot because once the baby is here, your lives will forever change, inshallah, to a better one but a super busy one too! I would recommend checking out eBay and Gumtree, because subhanallah baby items are not cheap. Its such a money making industry kan? We had a lot of ours gifted by family and friends, being my first newborn, people get really excited. But I know Fairuz and you are abroad, alone, so yeah def worth looking at second hand items!

By the way, have you guys got a name yet?

dhyeaelle said...

is that u in the sink hana? hehe..  very cute :)

Nurul Syamimi69 said...

fuiyooo~ byk nye listttt...
akak comel gler mandi dalam sink.

Nini Marini267 said...

sis hana,
somehow rasa lucky kan bila langsung tak perlu keluarkan duit utk lahirkan si kecil ni. in france too, everything about pregnancy is foc. siap dapat duit tambah lagi dari kerajaan, utk beli barang² baby. makes me feel like having another baby in france also in 3-4 years time. since the idea of pursuing phd has sparked last year, i think i should seriously think about this. family planning. to build the family in msia is soo pricey now.

may Allah ease every step of your pregnancy+studies. i'm in the same boat as u, just 6 weeks behind. Hehe, if anything, u have my support.


eesyaheera said...

You must be sooo excited. Kan Hana? :D

along89 said...

you are the very cute baby la kak hana~^^,

Angel81 said...

was that you in the sink? if yes, u were such a cute chubby baby!!! so cute...

Fazlina Badri said...

Girl.. for the breast milk storage I use plastic bag (specially for it) instead of cup to save space as an option. You need to buy the container la. Nanti I'll forward you the photo on how the container looks like.

Kautsar Abdrahman said...

Hana!! Perut you besar dan comel dan cik abang fairuz memang tak berubah langsung -_-' hahahaha. Ewww, tadi I pegi google image "water birth" in office and had the shock of my life. @_@ graphic sungguh images dia. nasib bos tak nampak. almost shrieked. hahahahaha. but it looks SO COOL!! I hope you get the best of labours- blessed by Allah, mudah and senang  :) amin amin amin. 

Cannot wait to see your little Fairuz Junior + mummy's boy. tee hee hee!! 

Love you hana!~

hanafedora said...

Hahaha ngong! I sendri takut okay nk google and see it.. So curious lah you syat! OMG I can't wait to get myself in Msia and see you againnnnn and thanks for the prayer syat. Love u too