The Virtues of the Laylat Al-Qadr

It is officially the last 10 days of Ramadan. The days where the Prophet (pbuh) would strive hard in worship in a way that he did not strive at any other times. The days where he would stay up at night and seek Laylat al-Qadr [Muslim 1175].

I admit I've been neglecting this little space of mine. All with a reason to be focus. Focus in this ever so blessing month to seek forgiveness and in hope to improve my relationship with my creator, Allah Azzawajalla. And one of the way of doing this is to disconnect myself from the internet. Though not completely.

Don't worry I'll continue my pace soon after Ramadan is over.

But this post, this particular post is special. It's about the bless night of Laylat-Qadr. Which is still not too late to seek. Who knows.

Allah s.w.t has described the Laylat al-Qadr as being better than a thousand months [al-Qadr 97:3]. On this night that the angels descend when Allah's mercy and blessing come down. Just as the Quran is recited, the angels will surround the gathering where Allah is remembered. And they beat their wings for those who sincerely seeks knowledge.

On that night the destiny of every creatures is decreed for the coming year. On that night it is written who will die, who will live, who will be saved, who will be doomed, who will be destined for paradise or hell, who will granted honour, who will be humiliated and everything else that Allah wills in that year [Al-Dukhaan : 4]. - AbdulMajidAli

Of course every destiny is already known by Allah s.w.t but on this night these destinies are revealed to the angels and commands them to do whatever they are enjoined to do [Sharh Sahih Muslim li'l Nawawi, 8/57].

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So seek forgiveness and seek Laylat-Qadr as this night is better than a thousand months. That's 83 years! You never know how long more will you live or what will happen to you in this coming year. So seek forgiveness sincerely and hope that good will come out of this year Ramadan.

It was reported from Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet said (pbuh) : "Whoever stays up during Laylat-Qadr out of faith and in hope of earning reward, all his previous sins will be forgiven"[Al-Bukhari, 1910; Muslim, 760]
It is reported that A'ishah asked the Prophet (pbuh)" If I happen to catch the night of Al-Qadr, how should I supplicate?" He replied: "You should say: O Allah, you pardon and love pardoning. So, pardon me".

And Allah s.w.t knows best.

Reference and further reading drabdulmajid


Yunne Osman said...

very well written hana. and may Allah s.w.t grant us forgiveness on laylat-al-qadr, ishaAllah. eid mubarak hana!

nur_aqli said...

Salam, this is so informative, thank you! :)

bieya said...

sis hanafedora ! you must to check this out. I found you ! hihihi