I'm off

Bon voyage

I'm heading Istanbul way for business/holiday/birthday and I'll be off for 7 days. I'll be in tune.

P/S : for my other traveling experiences, check out my travelogue tab. :)


RS said...

AH~~ how do u guys manage to travel to all these places? I'M in England too but I haven't gotten a chance to travel to Europe. My FRIENDS are heading to Turkey too! If u see some Malays around, it might be them. =D


Veilsandroses said...

Have a safe journey gorgeous girl and happy birthday in advance! make the most of it! <3 x

Salbiasamsudin said...

have a nice journey.. ^^

cimot said...

first time visit..
i love the way you are writing..especially ur travel journey..
keep waiting the latest one!!