I will

So okay. The whole world is talking about them. Her dress, her tiara, her smile, her sister..David and victoria beckham (errr...)...

Kate's definitely a Britain sweetheart.

For the whole day the tally was swamped with stories about the royal family. Especially true entertainment channel and E!news (you've guessed it). All the documentaries about Princess Di, William, the new royal and so on. But Kate middleton story was on bio channel and we needed to pay 1 pound for subscription. Darn it. And did you guys watch the movie aired on 18th of April? Titled Will and Kate. I thought the movie was a bit.....lousy on a funny side.

Let's talk about the dress for a second. She was stunning. Makes me want to have a wedding at westminster abbey (I can see it's a failed wish already).

An ivory gown with lace applique floral detail, the skirt resembling an "opening flower" and intricate lace detailed train. The designer Sarah Burton, of Alexander Mcqueen said it was an experience of a lifetime. I think mostly it was kate's design. Sure it wasn't as royally as the previous late Princess Di wedding gown, all puffy & a ton of train, but it was sooooo her. Kate seems to share similar taste as me (I said taste, not beauty for god sake!). Simple, slick, not too over the top, very clean and not too much colour. And she even have the same taste in flower as I am (as if we are supposed to be dubai BFF..Hahaha *Paris hilton joke) . I loveeee the smell of lilly of valley. I pour it all over the house. Can't get enough of it I tell you.

For the past 1 year kate has occupied the pages of tabloid a lot more than usual. Safe to say that I love everything that she wore. Picture of her going to royal events, shopping on the high street, riding horse, it's everywhere. Luckily she's so gorgeous I don't mind looking at her most of the time. Even Fairuz thinks she's beautiful. And believe me Fairuz, in term of taste in lady celebrities,is hard to please. Yes I know, she's too simple for a princess. But she's pretty enough to not to try too hard on the dressing part. Don't you agree? All eyes should be on her face, then her dress.

What makes Kate even more lovable is the fact that she's purely from a middle class family. A very pretty middle class family. Did you guys see her mother and pippa? Oh my god. A mother soo stunning she could passed up as her older sister. The family owns an online business selling party decorations. From a start up in their backyard to a very successful business worth of 30m. We could learn something from them.

Kate apparently is the first princess who has a proper degree from a university. Something that should be highlighted even more.

And I sincerely think they are the perfect example of the new generation royalty. They're so cool!

Congratulation Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We wish you a long live happy marriage together.


RS said...

so sweet kan? I never found them to be super sweet (before) but NOW. Hahaha. I'm head over heels for them!


ryena asyran said...

waa..akak tak beratur skali ke depan palace tu??hihi

i was u silent reader befor..skang tak nak silent2 dah :P

alin said...

kate is my new obsession :D

r said...

I seriously think the dress was too simple for a Royal wedding. And that lace covering her top just look like the normal kebaya that we have here in Malaysia. But well, thank God she has a beautiful face to gape at and I think that will do.