On London Fashion Weekend 2011

What was supposed to be a sunny day turn out to be heavily drizzle. London's most famous mood. Never a bad decision to bring an umbrella with you anytime. But today's mood couldn't get anymore worst. Standing in front of a full length mirror I saw my own reflection staring at me.

"how the hell are you going to cover that up? Surely a racoon eyes is not acceptable" She said.

Fairuz is always the one who gets ready first. Throw on his polo shirt, zip and zap he's ready to leave. Ahh man. No make up no scarf needed. I've already put aside my outfit since last night. Good thing was I don't need to iron it. But still I wondered why did I sleep at 2 a.m lastnight.

"Oh shoot! It's almost half past ten, we have to make it before noon"

Half an hour later we've reached temple station. It was a bit chilly and very gloomy. We walked along the pavement, passed King's College and eventually arrived at the somerset house. I've always had a thing for somerset house. I spent a year in King's and somerset house used to be my favourite lunch place. I mean look at it. Who wouldn't fall in love with it.

The place was already filling up. Securities everywhere guarding the doors and boundaries. Gorgeous tall ladies traveled in and out carrying plastic bags labeled London Fashion Weekend on it. I was so excited I forgot how my drenched skirt hem annoys me.

We've never went into the Somerset house. The inside property is massive. 4 floors of high ceilings, countless doors, endless narrow passage way, hundreds studios and indescribable intertwine beautiful stairs named Nelson stairs. Probably designed by an architect named Nelson.

Coupled up with decorations for the LFW SS/11, the place has officially accommodated my list of favourite places in London.

Happy smiling faces was all over the place. Mums, daughters, aunties and grandmas were as if floating on cloud nine. Everyone was so tall and beautiful and modely like.

"Why suddenly all the ladies here are as tall as me? Where did they come from? " Exclaimed Fairuz.

Probably he worked in engineering field to much. Hence the lack of modely girls around. There were dozens of designer brands selling. Everything from high end to vintage to local designers brand prices was cut off to as high as 80%. Rack and rack of colourful dresses, jackets, shoes, handbags sold like hot chocolates in the winter. My personal favourite was always the designer scarves. I wish to owned a scarves empire one day.

The already crowded floor was getting more crowded by the evening. More people are coming in by slots flooding the building. We scanned the rooms in seconds if not minutes. It was too crowded and Fairuz's stomach was already growling. And by the last purchased I was convinced that the credit card has reached its limit. And was now shouting at me not to use him anymore but my heart is chanting "buy, buy, buy".

"It's time to go!! Now please, before I hurt my bank account some more" I cried.

At 2 we picked up our goody bags, a copy of Elle magazine and had a few minutes of meeting with a friend. Dashed out through the countless doors and out in the rain again.

Though it was raining the whole day, we managed to shop, explored fascinating architecture, walked almost half a mile in the cold and had a great very late lunch with a hot sweet dessert together.

I thought to myself "Rain shmean! It wasn't that bad".

note : pictures credited to my sister


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Gasp!! Looks like you had fun, Hana <3 Wish I could live in London as well... but I think I'd be broke most of the time cos the shopping looks amazing!

Reena said...

Bestnyaaaaa. Ada laga bahu dengan Alexa Chung tak? :p

Psst..Show us what u've bought! Hehe :p

fara said...

very sweet kak!

hanafedora said...

I wish you are in London too!! Then we can be together and enjoy the beauties of overwhelm knowledges. And of course broke. lol

hanafedora said...

Not that I'm aware of. Haha I was so immersed in shopping I can't be bother to look who's here. It was fun :)

hanafedora said...

Thanks :)

Ami Schaheera said...

do share with us what you got! looks like so much fun :)
i'll just live vicariously through you right now.. ahh *jealousy*

AyureQ said...

ok. jealous. TT

hanafedora said...

no need! ur coming here right? :)

hanafedora said...

lol!! just some scarves. I'll wear it someday and post it here :)

AyureQ said...

yup! sooonnn! see ya at London on 15th or 16th! InsyaAllah.
Oh btw, this LFW still happen on March? Lol