On a new year of 2011

I don't know if its just me or it felt like the year 2010 is just a passerby. Time flies very very fast nowadays it scares me sometimes. In 4 months I'll be in my 27. Gosh. That's is old for a twenty something era. No wonder for a women, age stops at 29. Haha

Speaking of a new year, it is a custom that most of us starts it with a list of new year resolutions. But before that I really would like to thank Allah for his generosity, love and life he has given to me and my family. For the luxuries in life, for the opportunities, for a beautiful, patient and caring husband, for the experiences, for the health, for the best mom and the most intelligent dad and for the lovely siblings. For all that he gave me in this world, I am truly very very thankful. Alhamdulillah.

I ended my 2010 with a very long holiday. A month in Malaysia. It has been really great what with the foods and family and new friends meeting. I couldn't asked for more. And so I've arrived in the land of Kingdom on the 31st of december. And here I am writing this in my cute tiny apartment in London, a little tiny late than everyone. And to make sure I can ticked off a resolution list by the end of this year, here's a new resolutions for me

1. To be a better muslim than I am today and really embraced Islam as a way of life.

2. To exercise more and make a habit of eating more healthily.

3. To make the word "lazy" a non-existant in my dictionary and to work so hard as to make myself proud.

4. To make sure that my workspace is always neat and tidy and our laundry doesn't piled up. (I know my husband would love this)

5. To make sure that my salat is on time.

6. And to many more which I can't think of right now.

Or maybe it'll be more fun to have a 30 list before I'm 30 like the one mention in sha's quater life crisis post. And tomorrow I'll tell you what it's like to celebrate new year in London since I still got the jet-lagged and I need to hit the sack before I begin to look a lot like a raccoon's big sister.

Now what's your best resolution so far?


honey umaira said...

i want to take your new year wish to my diary....:) like it......

hanafedora said...

awww go ahead..

Tahirah 83 said...

Hana..i don't want to pile up my laundry too, but my intention is to save the electricity...(haha...alasan!! ;p)

nabila said...

come across ur blog.pretty!!.jap..student uniten ke?heee..me n both of my sisters kat sane dulu :)

hanafedora said...

yup :) what year are you?

Anonymous said...

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