New year tag

Before I start my new year post. Here's a generous thank you to a friend blogger who's name is similar to mine Hanna. She awarded me with a stylish blogger award though I don't think I deserved it. I claim to be a simple jane most of the time. But even so hanna has been nothing but awesome and so sweet to give me one. I just can't wait for her diet experienced entries. So as a token here's a tag post

In return I need to post 8 things about me

1. I often ignore messages if it's not properly typed or properly spelled because I think the way you convey something represent who you are and because I appreciate language as a beautiful thing. Please people "sihat" is not "c-hat" and "i" does not equal to "y". Seriously, it's not cute at all.

2.  I love the feel of after running on a treadmill for an hour non stop.

3. I think that my husband is the sexiest man on earth and that I think he's supposed to be in the Hugo boss commercial. The one with the Ryan reynolds in it. Hey if it's not me who thought about that who would right?

4. I love shoes so much to a point where I can't remember I bought some of them.

5. Honestly, I'm not great with english (explains the grammar problem) but I learn by reading a lot of books and writes in it when I have the chance. Practice makes perfect and I'm constantly learning.

6. I often drink plain water only that sometimes my sugar level can be so low that I need to take chocolate to regain energy.

7. Before I ever exercise and without even a slight preparation, I climbed the Kinabalu mountain. It was so hard that I cried like a baby. Fairuz was so patient with me that I've decided to marry him after that.

8. And that I love all my lovely readers so much!

Can I just tag all of you?


Shahirah Elaiza said...

#1 - I'm like that too! Well I don't ignore such messages but I get really annoyed by them. I guess that makes me an uptight person? lol
#7 - Awww so cute!

Zatil Hidayah said...

Happy New Year Kak Hana! ^^

2 = So refreshing! ^^
5 =Yes! Zatil also got problem with grammar. :(((
Trying harder to improve my English now.

Kak Hana, love you too! He he he. Always stay healthy. (",)

hanafedora said...

Hehe no not an uptight person. Just the love for something original and beautiful. :)

hanafedora said...

You stay healthy too :)