A husband remote control

My husband found his new obsession.

A printer. A new shiny printer to be exact.

A few days ago we bought a new printer into our home. Our last printer went kaput after a few years of assisting and massive printing service. It was a good printer. A free printer given by a dear friend Maria from Cyprus. She went back to Cyprus for good so she didn't need the printer anymore.

This new one. Let's call it dell. Dell is a normal 3-in-1 printer. You know the basic copy, print and scan thing. But what makes dell a lil bit special is that she is wireless. Yes I am so 'jakun' right now that I'm writing this whole new post just for Dell. Hehe Now we can simply go anywhere within the house and print print print. We can eat and print, we can walk and print, heck! we can even pee and print. Okay let's not get too excited now.

So at the beginning of course we needed to setup dell. So after successfully setting up, dell wanted to align herself. In and out the paper goes merrily doing her business. My husband was...erm...let's say amused

Dell : teeekkk....tookkkk (I honestly don't know how to describe what a printer sounds like, please don't laugh, and this sounds have been going for quite a while I have to say)
Husband : Sayang, this printer is crazy. Why is she making sounds and won't stop it.
Me : She's alligning herself, let her be.
Dell : Teekkkk...toookkkkk.
Husband : But it's too long. What is she doing? This sound, she won't stop it's annoying...blablabla (seriously he won't stop)
Me : She's not annoying, you're annoying. Stop babbling you're wasting your energy.
Husband : No I'm not babbling. She's printing only a portion of something and it took her like forever Blablabla... (And his speech also goes on forever)
Dell : ...........
Husband : ..............
Me : Did you just stopped babbling because the printer isn't babbling anymore? Seriously you're just like dell.
Husband : ....................

See. Pure quietness.

I think after this I need to make sure the printer is turn off. Heheheh

And Dell, she's my baby now. She's like a husband remote control.

*hi baby, I still love you.


Sufee Suhara said...


I loike that kinda sound, entertaining enough :P

atiqah adnan said...

babbling just like dell.. HAHA so cute ok.. hee~
its true.. membebel banyak nanti kurangkan tenaga je kan.. tenaga mulut and tangan..
sebab ade org bebel dengan tangan2 sekali.. ^^

farah said...

I bought hp wireless printer few months back,,yesssss, mmg jakun mula2.,.asyik nk print je sbb terlampau amazed yg I can print wirelessly.

Siap test from hp sume la...what I like about it sbb it even Ada iPhone app :)

hanafedora said...

Iphone app?? woah! cool. I wonder if dell have it.

hanafedora said...

Hahaha....membebel guna tangan skali? I have yet to see

hazirah said...

hahaha..u're like a momma in this situation, telling a lil boy, which was clearly ur husband, not to be worried and annoyed by Dell's awkward functionality..cute!