2011 Resolution #1 - Detoxification

I love January in London. Not particularly the weather but January as a whole.

Other than there are sales going on here and there (uuuhhh harrods just sent me a reminder), it is also the starting of a new spring term and a new year at the same time. That's 2 resolutions list for some of us. Have you broke any of yours yet? I hope not.

After having a month of holiday without exercising and luxuries eating habits, one of my new year resolutions or simply new spring term to do list is

yes! Detox.

After so many unhealthy and arteries clogging foods stuff into my stomach, I swear I grew an extra bag on my belly within a month. And these pictures didn't really do any justice to the habits I've developed during my stay in Msia. To be honest. It's.Very. Embarrassing.

There are many ways to detox the body depending on individual needs. You can google it and you practically can choose the detox plan that suits you best. It is best to do at least a 7 days program as our body need some time to clean the blood. But first, why even bother to detox?

Detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins in the body we can stray away from feeling sluggish, skins and acne problems, migraine, indigestion problem and so on. Then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can also help to stay away from disease and renew our ability to maintain optimum health.

If you're rich, you can spend thousand of dollars to undergo a detox program created by the specialise using state of the art machines and monitored programs. For the normal ones, we only needs a few quids. But by far my most favourite, easy and 'doesn't need to spend on' detox program are

1. Drink a glass of hot water with a thick sliced organic unwaxed lemon upon waking up.
2. Drink a lot more plain water throughout the day.
3. Fasting but when breaking the fast, healthy foods are your intakes. And don't eat a lot. Otherwise it
    beats the purpose.
4. Exercising. Inhale deeply to allow oxygen circulate more completely through the body.
5. Monitor your food consumption like reducing fried foods and coconut milk starting today.
6. stay away from smokers and polluted environments.
7. Drink a lot of chinese green tea.
8. Transform stress by emphasizing positive emotions.

Go ahead and try it. I think that we should at least detox our body once every year. I've tried it and after a few weeks my body feels lighter, your skin's glowing and you'll definitely shed some of those holiday pounds.

Hey, now tell me who wouldn't want that??

So here's to a brand new you and

lets just hope that the healthy eating habits will sticks forever.


Aida Narina said...

i'd say yes to detoxification! thanks for the tips hana, i'm loving it! babe, i'm on a regime now. just started on sauna and jakuzi. would love to get it done at least 3 times a week. can be considered as detox too ke? haha. and I'm going to register myself at the nearest gym centre! wish me luck :) xoxo

hanafedora said...

Good luck my darling!!! you can do it :)

nn said...

number 8 is definitely a must whether you're detoxifying (is that even a word??) or not.

been exercising regularly this year. really hope i can do this detox thingy but it's kinda hard as a student living away from home. sometimes instant noodle is the only meal i can afford... huhu

honey umaira said...

thanks hana....when i read your post i started to worry...i'll make sure having good food after this since my face are not as beautiful like you...so.....my wish is...i want to be beautiful like you....hehehe.....for my love hubby too....

hana, could you post about what u eat there....n are you cooking at home...hehe...:)

love to read your blog....

Baby Bee said...

I have been always visioning that 1 day..i will be kurus or de toxified...but alas...living in Eastern side of Msia...it doesn't help at all...(alasan...hahah) breakfast is rice....lunch is rice and dinner also rice..hahaha....resolution still on every year but hopefully this year be a little bit better in health..hahaha...as far as de-toxifiying..trying my level best to ensure that im eating healthy this week...which obviously....not doing me any justice..just ate roti canai on breakfast..hahah..ur thread just remind me how lazy I am and how serius I should be in being healthy..thanks babes....

Sahira said...

i love tea as a method of detox <3

ak fadzil said...

bila makan banyak (esp. daging merah) memang perlu detox. Me, i prefer drink lot of plain water and yes, lemon juice, or any citrus drink.

hanafedora said...

Aww thank you. You made my day.. and you're beautiful too!

hanafedora said...

Tea is soothing right? :)

hanafedora said...

Have you tried green tea? The real one from china.

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Ooooohhh true true. I'm doing the exact same thing right now! I've been here for 2 months, life is easy and laid back, and food is everywhere so I've decided to eat healthier by cutting out deep fried food, red meat and sugary food. Although I do get tempted especially when it comes to sweet things cos I have a sweet tooth.

Main thing is to drink lots and lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and veges.

hanafedora said...

And no harm done on eating sweet things as long as we eat it moderately :) everything is in moderate right?