A youthful looking skin, who wouldn't wanna?

One of the most important part of your body is your skin.

Yes, you heard me.

Your skin is an organ that regenerates itself every 28 days. Because it's a primary part of your body, thus it's the first thing that we notice in another person. And lets face it. As horrible as it may sound, people do judged. So it is just so important and a must for each individual to take good care of their skin.

There's a lot of factors that contributed to our skin conditions especially when we reached an age where our hormone are settling. Like the weather, the environment condition, the stress that we deal everyday, sleep deprivation and most importantly what we put inside our body. In other words what we eat. In this case there's nothing wrong in religiously taking care of our skin even for a guy. Seriously, even my guy friend who went for backpacking still carry a sunblock with him. Not because he's vain or thinks he wants to become a women (shiishh) but because it's some sort of protection and prevention from the harsh environment today. Just like eating vitamins everyday. Imagine what will your skin looks like when you've reached 40 or 30 for that matter. You take care of your health and body but why neglected skin??!!

Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin. Even so this doesn't last forever as our age grows, our well-being decreased. I used to have non sensitive skin when I was a teenager. Oh yeah! I was so proud I didn't need to take care of it. I could eat whatever I want and wash my face whenever I feel like to. And secretly I convinced myself that I'll be like this forever and no effort is required. I'm so blessed.

Now today I can see slowly I'm eating my words.

I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. And every 3 hours if I didn't moisterized I can feel my skin starts to get flakey. Pinch my face slightly and I'll get redness like a peach. And worst, it stays for days. Last few years I used to have occasional red and itchy rashes on my face for a week. Those are the time when I beg Fairuz not to force me go to work. I'm so embarressed and little that I know it's the way I live and the unhealthy food I stuff inside my body. 

A few days ago I've received a msg saving somebody out there love my flawless skin hence asking me what is my skin regime. Awww thank you but honey I'm sorry I've dissapointed you. I don't have flawless skin. 


Every persons I met noticed my dry skin. But one thing I'm not going to dissapoint you is that I will tell you my skin regime. But first know that everyone has different skin type.

Get to know yours personally. Know what kind of food you have to take and what can't you take. Know what kind of brand irritated you and so on. I had a few trial and error and so far I found dry sensitive skin like mine works wonder with Estee Lauder skin prevention system.

Like when I have large pores and wants to improve the apperance of flakiness, roughness and dullness, I use the Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher. It works magic. It instantly give skin a more even tone and smooth out my skin. Used it in the morning after toner.

But of course you don't use it alone. Moisterizer is a must after that. And Estee Lauder daywear plus is so gentle on my skin. Because it smells so fresh like a cucumber it's somehow became my pick-me-up in the early morning.

This moisterizer can also be worn at night. A tip in choosing a moisterizer. Choose one with SPF atleast 15 or in extreme sun cases choose one with UV protection. Very important this one. I assure you.

And at night that's when skin loses vital moisture fastest. And many of us took it for granted. As tired as hell as you are never wore make up to bed. Atleast keep a wipe beside the side table. One of the best product I found for the night is the advanced night repair by Estee Lauder (by now you might guessed what an estee lauder freak I am huh?!). 

But I kid you not, estee lauder do have a great skin care product. For once it doesn't irritated your skin especially the sensitive ones like mine. And it's not that expensive compare to others. And it's proven not to be cancerous. Of course one of the thing I love about it is because when my mom was younger, this is the brand that she uses.

Ever heard of the saying "Like mother like daughter"? hehe

Oh, occasionally I do have breakouts when mr-damn-hormone-makes-me-want-to-cry-for-no-reason decided to visit me. And I hate it! And I know this must have been weird but when that time comes, I have this oil that I use works like a miracle, I wore it before going to bed and the next morning my breakouts starts to leave and I'm happy again. Except for the whole crying without no reason thing. It's amazing though but I don't know how. I use bio oil.

Other than it help me on my breakouts, bio-oil is a specialist skincare for treating scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. And best, it doesn't cost me a fortune and it's sold everywhere in a normal drugs store.

If you thinks estee lauder is expensive, I think there's a lot of other drugstore brand that's great for the skin. Like Olay and simple. When I was a teenager I use simple brand a lot. It's gentle on the younger  uncorrupted skin.

Another tip is to exfoliate your skin atleast once a week for dry skin and twice for oily ones. Have a scrub and put on a mask and relax for 10 minutes. Mask help to give a radiant glowing skin. And the scrub help to remove the dead skin cell.

Sure some skincare make a hole in your pocket. But the thing about expensive skincare product is that it lasted months if not years. And you use it so little that sometimes it won't finishes until a year. And don't even get me started on the expiry date. Unlike the cheaper ones you have to keep buying when it started to get a bit doggy.

Now pay attention. I'm going to give you the best secret to healthy youthful looking skin. And this can be apply to anyone. Man or women, young or old.

This is the most, ultimate, best tip ever and I promise you it works like wonders. It so simple and don't even cost a fortune. It's free!!! Not just it give a dewy glowing skin, it's an anti ageing too. I know because I've tried it myself. I don't have rashes anymore and my skin is less sensitive.



Now promise you take care of skin okay?


Dayang afiza said...

thanks for the tips kak hana :)

hanafedora said...

Vitamin C is also good for brightening the complexion..It's even better if we eat vitamins C everyday :)

hanafedora said...

Bio oil is a long term thing i guess...Kene guna berbulan2 baru hilang scar tuh..

ajjah said...

i got large pores too, i'm trying out vitamin c 10 days treatment now n nampak a bit of changes laa now.. :) n i pun malas minum air masak.. :p

Sheda said...

So this the secret to your beauty!
Kalau u jadi duta Estee Lauder pun bagus ni hehehe
I use Bio Oil too! Menarik kan?? Tapi banyak scars yg susah nak hilang gak

hanafedora said...

Minum air tu paling berkesan! there's a few drugstore yg organic brands yg bagus jugak kan..

Reena said...

Ohhh so ni la your secret. Hehe. Actually kan, tips yg paling senang, murah, free tu lah yang i paling susah nak buat. Pemalas minum ayaq masak tak tau pasai pa.Tskk. I agree with yang 'expensive' skincare actually not that expensive malah lagi save adalah. Sebab dia tahan lama kan..Tapi of course, ada jugak brand drugstore yg bagus. Skincare ni memang kena try & error baru tau sesuai ke tak..

hanafedora said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that was suppose to be our little secret..now the whole world know! hahaha I letak bio oil and vaselin lah...HAHA time winter..

Aida Ghaffar said...

okay byeeeee. nak pegi minum air banyakkkkkkkkkk2 :p hehehee..

hana!! bila pula muka u tak cantik tu sampai tak nak keluar rumah?? omg, like seriously. tak apa, now dah cantik kan? terima kasih kat i teman u pergi beli Estee Lauder tempoh hari, hehehee..:p . Psssttt, jangan bubuh bio oil banyak sangat kat muka! Teringat u cerita u bubuh banyak bio oil kat muka sampai dah macam orang minyak :p

Greeny_purplefly said...

kat uk murah la kan kak, around 5 pound if we buy at supersavers, tapi kat malaysia mahal yg amat, yg botol kecik pun dah dekat 40 rngt

Anonymous said...

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