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There's a few little insignificant things in my life that gets me sometimes very excited. Something like when I received an email from my supervisor (I know weird huh?!) and how the drumroll music from the 20th century fox intro that means the starting of a movie night with Fairuz in our living room. These are the things I found really excites me. Seriously. Other than receiving emails from my lovely readers saying they like my blog and the way I write, receiving just a simple question from random people from the web can also make my day.

There's a formspring box on the right side of this blog. I've put it there for quite sometimes already for all those shy people who wanted to ask questions but too shy to shout at the shout box. So I generously open a formspring And I couldn't imagine how interesting some questions can be. Thank you all. I really appreciate it. But unfortunately the Q&A session would not be answered here in the blog instead, it is link to my twitter account.

One of the question that I found pretty cute was this
"If you could instantly become an expert at one style of dance, what style would you pick?"

I like the question and this is the reason that reminded me why did I open a formspring account. Although I have no idea who sent it but I am going to answered it here since it's too cute to resist. My answer would be an american swing dance. I fell in love with the american swing dance since I was little and I watched a Brendan fraser movie called "blast from the past". 

So here's a formspring to all you shy people. And maybe, just maybe when there's bulk questions comes in I'll be able to answer it and put it in this blog. Have fun!

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Reena said...

OMG i agree part drumroll music 20th century Fox tu. Never failed to make me super excited!