FormSpring Answered - Series 1

I've been receiving a whole lot of questions through form spring this past few days. I'm surprised I've even received it everyday. Thank you all, cause it means that there's somebody actually read my blog. Other than my mom and my husband. And because of that I'm sharing the questions here in my blog so that maybe some of you might benefit from it. There's 15 all together.

1. Who is you favourite person in the whole world & why?exclude the obvious please, like your husband,family and friends.
Mmm..this is a tough one..A girl name Liz Murray. She a homeless but made it into Harvard. Why? For all the obvious reasons. They've actually made a motion pictures about it on Hallmark channel.

2. Did u use any sort of medication to prevent pregnancy? i'm married and i like to stay free for a some 1 year..
I don't as to precaution to any sort of side effects. Like weight gain and irregular periods. Fortunately, I have a stable period cycle so I opted for the natural way - Counting days in my cycle. And sometimes condoms. :) But I'm thinking of doing a post on this topic. Watch this space ok? :)

3. What is the most expensive handbag that u've owned?
A white Guess bag. It cost me slightly above RM500. I've never owned a designer one cause it's unnecessary for a student like me whose only going to use it only 10% of my days. But the most expensive I've ever bought was from LV - Hamstead MM (800pound) as a present for my mother for being just her. :)

4. Kak hana bila nak pi sabah?? ada plan tak nak bercuti kat sabah?? looking forward to see u here.. :)
hey :) I've been to Sabah once..To climbed the Mount Kinabalu..I would love to come again..U can be my tour guide?
5. Name me one thing about Malaysia that you miss the most?(Besides foods) =P
mmmm....The luxury of driving a car to anywhere and park it everywhere.

6. Kak hana, how u get to know ur husband?care to share or blog maybe? -naematul-
Through a football practice in Hyde park (London) .He was one of the player and I was there to shot some pictures. :) And below is a picture when we first met.

7. Menu sahur for the first puasa?? hehe btw happy fasting.
If I could recalled, it was ayam masak something. My sister cooked it and there was leftover :)

8. Hi hana. love reading ur blog.nak tanya u pki camera apa ye amik gambar.all color dia sgt cantik..
Hello! Thank you :) I'm using a nikon D80 but I only use it during my serious traveling time. For everyday use - a compact sony camera. Wouldn't want to carry that heavy nikon everywhere. Few of my pictures are below. I don't know how to do watermark let alone edit the pictures. These are straight from D80. :)

Siena, Italy
Siena, Italy

without editing

Colosseum, Rome Italy


Salzburg, Austria

Big ben
Big Ben, London

My lovely
Vatican City, Rome Italy

Tanybwlch Snowdonia

Snowdonia, Wales

The present and the future
Kinross, Scotland

9. What did you eat for breakfast today?
Crunchie nut clusters.. It's a cereal actually :)

10. If you could instantly become an expert at one style of dance, what style would you pick?
American swing dance! :) and ballroom dancing! owh can I just pick 2? hehe

11. Assalamu'alaikum Kak Hana. i'm from Brunei Darussalam. you have such a meaningful blog. I'm glad. =) Awwww...Waalaikummusalam. Thank you my dear :) Hello to Brunei.

12.what is your favourite style if you hangout with your friends and go dating with your husband?? :)
My favourite style would be something that is very comfortable but yet it's a timeless and classic pieces :) with pastel colours of course.


13. Makanan kegemaran ?? ;)
Cantonese fried meehoon :) Especially the one that mummy cooked (obviously).

14.Dear kak hana what is your colors theme for this raya ?? heheh
Color theme? Alamak..baju raya pun tk beli cause we both have to work in UK on hari raya..hehe guess we'll be wearing last year's clothes.

15. On what course is ur phd?
Communication and signal processing, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. :)


Yunne Osman said...

i came across your blog through another blog and liking every part of it =) hey, i have a friend (my best friend in fact) doing her phd in imperial as well. she's in civil engineering. her name is nadiah. i even posted an entry about her on my blog recently. nice blog you have. keep it up!

ken said...

your travel pictures make me miss traveling, especially to UK =)

hanafedora said...

should come again then!!!

hanafedora said...

PR?? What is that like Public Restaurant?? Lols... Been rayaing here 3 years already it's a norm..But still..It's ok...The sacrifice you do for your future..*sigh

Crunchie nuts best!! especially the clusters one..It tasted like kuih literally..

Yazira said...

To answer your q before, I'm still in London now, balik end of the month. kesian u raya kat sini!! Um, I wanna try the iftar at PR laa, is the food good? or u pun tak pernah try?

btw, I eat crunchie nut the cereal too!! yummyyyy especially masa puasa ni hehe =)