Fasting in London

There's a downside to fasting abroad. Sometimes when you come home late in the evening from your office and you simply have not enough time to cook you can't just buy food from stalls randomly.

Well, actually in UK you can, there's halal foods every corner but it's not the same! It's really not the same.

Every year in London, the Malaysian student department (Malaysian Hall/MSD) get some generous people to sponsored for free iftar to all Malaysian in the UK. For young students who live just a few block from MSD will have the privileged of being lazy and just powder up their nose and go there, problem solved! your food is served. But of course some of them hang there until tarawikh prayer and have jamaah together. It's much livelier there.

But for some like us, we live an hour away with train and to just eat at MSD, have tarawikh there and go home afterwards would be such a hassle and it always end up reaching home 12 midnight. Seriously. Especially in summer where the tarawikh prayer starts at 11 at night cause the Isyak would be at 10.

So for some of us who doesn't have that privileged we opt for cooking the lazy way. In our case cook pasta. A few days ago Fairuz and I cooked cream cheese mushroom pasta. Exactly like spaghetti carbonara without ham. Because the both of us is working it wouldn't be fair for only one of us to be doing all the cooking. Usually Fairuz cooks everyday for weekdays because his office is just 5 minutes away and I'll be cooking something special during the weekends. Yes. My husband does cooks and he is one hell of a good cook after 2 years of living with me. And he's been cooking since he came here for his undergraduate. So no surprise there.

Anyway, the cream cheese mushroom pasta. It really wasn't difficult. You can try it yourself if like us you do not have the time.

Olive oil
Full milk
Grated cheddar cheese
Black pepper
2 spoon of Plain flour
No need measurement, just put how ever much you want.

How to do it:
1. Boil the spaghetti and drain it. Wash it with cold water so it won't stick together.
2. Fry the onion,garlic,mushroom and chicken in olive oil until it's almost brown and then pour milk and cheese - (A).
3. Heat oil in another pan and cook the plain flour.
4. Put the cooked flour in (A) bit by bit until thicken.
5. Pour the white sauce on the spaghetti and serve hot.

I've never posted a recipe entry here in my blog. But because this one is so easy-a monkey can do it.

OK maybe not.

So here's to the first time. Try it and you won't have to drive to KLCC to buy spaghetti carbonara anymore.


ainkassim said...

hi hana or fedo..thanks bagi recepi i mmg slalu view blog u ni..even added u kat fb..and my husband love cabonara ni..i will masak for buka. thanks xx

Fazlina Badri said...

Cool been looking for this recipe.. thanks gurl..

hanafedora said...

Aku pun slalu beli weh..HAHA sedapkan..Lagipun dekat je ngan rumah KLCC tuh.. Oh yeah I know that kakak..But if only we all women have all the time in the world like her.. Too bad we have to work..Heh

hanafedora said...

Yeah parmesan is much more expensive even here in UK. :) But my husband loves cheddar.. Hehe Udang?? Wow never tried that..But we're not fan of udang..

opY said...

Hanaaa!!macam tahu2 je aku selalu beli carbonara kat foodcourt KLCC!muahaha.Nextime nak tengok Hana masak ape pulak ok? :p P/S:.I like this one kakak, she lives in Australia and oh so gempak la masakan dia!nyumsss!heh

Aneesah said...

It's similar to my pasta-hentam recipe too, except I use grated parmesan cheese (bit more expensive than cheddar, I suppose). :D Also I just dump the flour in the sauce if it needs thickening. And if nak sedap lagi I put udang. =9